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2016-08-18 18:00 - 21:00 Australia/Sydney
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User group meeting

Another cracker of a month for presentations. This month we have a look at an exciting new module which promises to be a very heavily used module in the future: YAML Form. There will also be an examination for core themes and how they can be used with modern frontend development workflows. Finally we will see a Twitter clone in 5 minutes apparently.

1800 Drinks
1830 Presentations
1945 Lightning talks and announcements
2000 Drinks, pizza, socialising and mentoring
2100 Kickout

Classy theme demonstration by Max Pogonowski (20 mins)
Max will give us an explanation of base themes in Drupal 8 and the difference between Classy and Stark. He will then demo:
• theme creation using Drupal console,
• explain SASS vs CSS and what a task runner is,
• set up Gulp to run SASS compilation,
• set up and demo browsersync including Gulp implementation.

YAML Form Demo by Pamela Barone (15 mins)
Everyone is wondering what will happen with Webform in Drupal 8. It's one of the top-10 most installed modules for Drupal 7, but it hasn't been ported, and probably won't be. The lack of a form builder has been cited as a major blocker to D8 adoption. Enter YAML form! YAML form module uses Drupal's Form API to create forms and manage submissions. There's even a UI module (not Field UI) that provides a user interface modelled on Webform to support easy form creation and management for non-technical users.

Build a Twitter Clone in 5 mins by David Jeyachandran (5 mins)
Be prepared to be amazed. Cue the fail whale ;)


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