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It would be better if we can add a review point system in Drupal code review of Full Project Applications. Normally people are reviewing other application only to get Review Bonus. Once their application/project got approved then they will lose their interest in Reviews.

I know reviewing other application is a best way to learn drupal coding, but there are other ways too. So that I am thinking, it would be better if we can implement a review point method in Drupal Code Review of Full Project Application system.

As per the current review bonus system any application can get review bonus by reviewing other three application. Then the code administrators need to review these other code reviews first to check whether it is a valid code reviews or not. If we are checking review bonus comments we can see that, most of the comments are not following eligibility criteria to get review bonus.

Review points can be a solution to this. Based on the quality of review people can rate/vote on the comments, based on that some points will get credited to the comment author. So it will help to improve the quality of review.

Review points will encourage peoples to review others project/application even if they got approval for their own project. Also it will be a booster to Drupal Module Approval Process.

This review points can be displayed in the user profile, it will provide a clear idea about how the user expertise in drupal. Even a user is not contributing any module to the community also review points will bring up him in front of community on the basis of his expertise.


I totally I agree ,, I also

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I totally I agree ,, I also once mentioned to @kluasi why the review doesn't have its own team? that can be assigned to some known reviewers .. so that the approval process doesn't get lost in those who want just to get the "Review Bonus" ..

Your idea is much better to make ppl wants to do a review for others ..


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