Mentor Meeting - Saturday, 3 September, 2016 at UTC 20:30

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2016-09-03 20:30 UTC
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

[Meta] Mentor Meeting - Saturday, 3 September, 2016 at UTC 20:30 in Google Hangout.

To find the meeting ping mentors in #drupal-mentoring channel in IRC. See for the calendar.

Mentor Meta meetings are once a month, usually on the first Saturday of the month, at UTC 20:30. These are mentor meetings about mentoring (hence the "meta"), about upcoming events and ongoing Drupal core mentoring efforts.

Do you want to get involved doing mentoring but not sure what to do? Want to help Drupal mentoring be successful? Join us. All help is welcome:

  • people who can help organize us
  • developers to help us with issues that will effect contributor or mentor experience
  • planners to help with events
  • people with different skills who are interested

Share what mentoring successes and challenges you have had.


Meeting minutes

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Mentor business

Mentorbot is now in the cloud:

  • @todo alimac to work on regular database checkins to the git repo (still todo)
  • Open AWS account using
    • Follow-up alimac: @todo Opening an AWS account requires credit card info, let’s keep things as they are for now.

Core office hours - let’s review the format

  • follow-up valthebald - @todo Ask Tim and larowlan about how contrib office hours are going, possibly combine efforts?
  • follow-up cilefen - @done Change Twitter -- remove current scheduled tweets for core office hours -- do one last one next week, then switch to a monthly schedule DONE, SEPTEMBER 3
  • Have two tweets, one a day in advance and a second 15 min before -- have people with lots of followers RT the advance one to garner more interest DONE, SEPTEMBER 3
  • Make sure that docs are updated in all the places
    • Core office hours page DONE, SEPTEMBER 3
    • First monthly core office hours will be Wednesday 5th October and first Wednesday of each month to follow DONE, SEPTEMBER 3


Follow up meeting for 17th September 2030UTC

Dublin 26-30 September 2016


* Sprint & Mentoring (Rachel)
* Communications (Alina)
* Booth (Mauricio, mradcliffe)
* Orientation & Demonstration (Rachel, Mauricio)
* Novice Triage - Val
* Workshop (Brian, Rachel)
* Sprint Day Room Lead (Cathy)
* Going: rachel_norfolk, alimac, xjm (but will not be mentoring), dinarcon, mradcliffe, valthebald, joelpittet
* Not sure: cilefen
* Not going: heddn

Mentor dinner

  • No official dinner - mentors encouraged to hang out in groups
  • alternative: board games! Chat! Etc. @todo valthebald: confirm that 24h sprint lounge at hotel is available Friday night

Extended sprints

@todo alimac - create extended sprints signup spreadsheet for Dublin
* Extended sprint signup:
* Rachel to make sure people know about this ^


  • @todo Mauricio - check if DA will provide a TV/monitor for Dublin.
  • @todo valthebald - ask Amanda in DA Slack - Will the booth be set up similarly to NOLA (will we have space for comfy chairs and socializing)?
  • Ensure booth leads will have access to exhibition hall

Major triage

  • Probably no major triage novice sprint this time unless previous triage leads are able to attend and are interested in doing it (cilefen, valthebald, davidhernandez) - @todo Joelpittet to read the docs and pass along the knowledge


  • About mentor spreadsheet: -- SENT
  • Needs text change wrt dinner
  • About mentor events: -- SENT
  • About T-shirt pickup and mentor guide: @todo alimac - will schedule for Monday morning EU time
  • About tool stack
  • Will need update depending upon resolution of dreditor
  • Whatever we do, we need to give a consistent message to novice contributors about what to do.
  • Give the message by the first BOF and at the Booth.
  • About last minute reminders before con
  • Do we need another meeting before Dublin to resolve any last todos/follow-ups? Yes, one week before (2016.09.17 20:30 UTC)