Power of Drupal. 20 facts

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Find out all the answers to the most common questions about Drupal!


We have prepared a video to assist the community in answering questions:
- Why Drupal?
- And why not another CMS or just PHP?

Make reposts to spread the word about the power of Drupal!

Soon in English!

Link: https://youtu.be/xF3aECbeC5w


Great Work

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Great work Ksenia. Can we have it English [written and spoken]. I am open to contribute my time to assist you with this task. Feel free to give me a buzz


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This looks pretty great!
Should be spreeded all over ru-net


Orkut Murat Yılmaz's picture

I understood the video, even with my poor Russian knowledge. Thanks for creating it.

I hope that Drupal would upgrade its license from GPL V2 to GPL V3 soon, as seen on the first part of your animation.

English version coming soon!

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Thank you all for your attention to the video!
We are working on the English version now and will release it soon!

Fatality for other CMS

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Fatality for other CMS

Drupal is an amazing (CMS)

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Drupal is an amazing (CMS) content management system and development platform used to build amazing websites and services. Great stuff. I'd love to see tutorials about Drupal. Thanks for the interesting post.


English version is ready!

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Hi everyone!
Thank you for the attention to the Russian version, here is the English one! https://youtu.be/LMzlsit1Hjw


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