Sleep is Gold: Proposal to shorten the security updates release window.

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As I don't find a issue queue for the security team (probably a good thing), I am posting this here.
Thanks @DamienMcKenna for pointing me to this direction.


Currently the security updates window is every wednesday between 12 noon and 5pm Eastern time.
Depending on where you are in the world, this might be outside office hours.
Belgium is such a case, where the release window is currently between 5pm and 11pm.
Such a wide release window makes it very hard and expensive for individuals to be on call for possible releases.

Proposed resolution

Proposition is to release all releases at the same time.
If extra human hands are needed or this is a technical limitation, I want to step up and help the security team with this.
Because this release window is important for Colruytgroup, I think i can get some company time for this.

Remaining tasks

As I currently have no idea on what the internal workflow is to release a new security release, it is hard to define the remaining tasks.


Regarding internal workflow:

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Regarding internal workflow: that is pretty well documented at

Regarding joining to help achieve this, I believe you'll find details for next steps in that handbook :)

Regarding why the window is unpredictable, well, coordination of volunteers is tricky.

Thanks for recognizing a problem, sharing details about it, and offering to help!

Previous suggestion

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A similar suggestion was discussed in the Announce that there are no announcements topic. Anything that lets us europeans have a decent sleep schedule would be nice. :)

-- av Niklas Brunberg