The Learning Series Part 6 - Theming: Drupal 8 - Let's be friends - Broward Drupal Meeting Minutes - November 9, 2016

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This month Jay Epstein (@jeppy64 covered the sixth part of "The Learning Series: Drupal 8 - Let's be friends." Part 6 allowed us to finish off the learning series with theming our site. We walked through theming for the Site Builder in Drupal 8 using Adaptive Theme and the AT Tools module for Drupal 8. Jay gave us a great approach to leverage the Adaptive Theme and the AT Tools that come with it. He focused on showing us how to get the theme started with site builder tools helping to create the architecture of the theme using the Site Building AT Tools. He also shared many tips and tricks for creating clean responsive themes, including using CSS viewport units.

We had four remote users and four in person.

To keep up with the Broward Drupal meetup group, follow us on Twitter: or go to our website:

-- Hector


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