Minutes from Drupal Ireland Committee Meeting in December

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Hi all.

The committee had our monthly meeting today. This is what we discussed:


Social Media

We talked about general usage. Taking for example some tweets sent by Drupal Ireland before DrupalCon (for example tweets about companies having a booth) and discussed if that could be considered as promotion of individual companies rather than Drupal in general. Tweeting will always be done according to the guidelines approved last year.

We felt some companies where having more presence than others because they have more active blogs, with other companies being less active.

We would like people who don't get involved to be more active within the Drupal Ireland Community.

Although we all in the committee have access to the twitter account, until now it has been mainly used by the chairperson (Mark). We decided today to increase awareness that everyone can have a say and also to promote a submission mechanism for anybody interested in contacting the committee by email (there will be a post about this shortly on groups.drupal.org) if they have something they would like posted to the twitter account. If anyone feels underrepresented by the twitter account, please feel free to contact any member of the committee to promote your blog post, tweet, speaking engagement, etc.

Our PR person (Roy) will be checking emails and tweeting about anything sent to us that promotes Drupal. You could always approach anybody in the committee via direct message.


DrupalCamp Cork

We had a retrospective of Drupal Camp Cork. We thought most things went well. Very good sessions and discussions. We thought the attendance number was a bit low, maybe we could have done better promotion and last minute organisation. We thought some community members were probably a bit tired after DrupalCon, or only go to one Camp a year, or maybe having to travel for a Friday and Saturday Camp (specially people with small children that need to arrange babysitting and so on) can maybe be a bit difficult.

We discussed its format and maybe would like to see more tutorials and less case studies next time. We also considered going back to a type of developer only camp.

We discussed as well how to promote it better from the point of view of new members of the local community, like some of the students that attended DrupalCamp Cork on Friday morning.

Then we talked about the cost of the Camp, with an invoice of €538.84 in total.


DrupalCamp Dublin

We started planning Drupal Open Days in Dublin next year. We would like to see less showcases of websites and more complex stuff (like for example, migration).

We decided to start planning it from January and were considering around March / April as the proposed dates. We hope that being held in Dublin will attract more newcomers (for example, students may benefit of an introduction to Drupal workshop).

By the Committee January meeting we should be able to decide the dates, venue (traditionally hosted at the Guinness Enterprise Centre) with Do Space as an alternative venue. We will be also discussing the Drupal Open Days format, ideally more developer focus and less promotional focus.

If anyone wants to voice an opinion about anything in the minutes, please post a comment below.