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Following a degree in Law, I moved from Spain to Ireland in 1999 and have been working as a UX Designer and Front End Web Developer in go2web, Howth, for almost twelve years.

I also completed an evening MSc in Web Technologies graduating in 2012. My masters thesis (http://floresgalan.com/drupal/thesis) explored location-based trust enhancement online, which I measured through usability testing.

My role in my current job is varied: I carry out all stages of the design and development process, including user analysis, idea generation, content strategy, SEO, information architecture, interaction design, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, visual web design and front end web development. All the latest go2web projects are responsive web design and developed using the latest web technologies such as HTML5 and Sass.

I am responsible for the UX / UI of all go2web projects, running UX sessions with the clients as well as training the go2web front end staff.

After the completion of my MSc in Web technologies I initialised and led the shifting from my current company’s outdated content management system into the open source platform Drupal, which has involved a complete change of the approach of how the company websites and web applications are planned and built and how the company communicates with its customers. With the new approach I have therefore become responsible for managing all go2web web projects (introducing an agile approach monitored with basecamp) and provide technical leadership for the UX and front end development.

Although it was some time ago, my designs have won three awards: the 2007 Annual Digital Media Award for Best Information Website, the 2004 Eircom Golden Spider award for the best charity website and the 2003 Esat BT Golden Spider for the Best E-Commerce Website.

More information about me can be found at http://floresgalan.com/drupal, with a portfolio of recent projects I have worked on from beginning to end.


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