Food and drink at the Global Sprint weekend: preferences?

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So far the only sponsorship for the sprint weekend is Magnetic Phield (basically J-P) providing tea etc. and some healthy snacks during the day.

It might be worth thinking about preferences for lunch and dinner early, especially as some people like pub food and others don't. If you have an opinion, feel free to respond below.


Nearby are:

  • Street Food Chef: a great burrito place (large portions); £6–8.
  • QC: bagels (not quite so large); £3–5
  • Lynne's Pantry: big, "traditional" sandwiches (substantial, not fancy); £3–5
  • Fanoush: big falafel etc. wraps (substantial, mostly - ? - vegetarian); £4–5
  • Soya Express: Chinese takeaway; £4–6

and lots of other places for snacks, including Beres the baker and the ubiquitous Greggs.

Edit: The venue also has a microwave and a kettle, so if you want to bring your own food, feel free!


Options depend slightly on how close people need to be to the train station. Near that and the venue:

  • The Rutland does good, slightly posh pub food but can get quite busy.
  • Other pubs The Roebuck and The Red Lion seem OK but not tried their food.
  • Chains like Pizza Express, Ask etc. all around the Peace Gardens two minutes away.

Further afield:

  • Division Street has a few restaurant-pub combos like Bungalows & Bears.
  • Along West Street there are a few Chinese restaurants; this is on a tram route back to the station.
  • Baan Thai is a great restaurant, but about 20 minutes' walk from the train station (and no public transport along that route.)

Drinks after

  • Not many cafes open after 8, unfortunately; there's a couple on the cathedral square (15mins' walk, 5 mins' tram from the train station)
  • The Tap & Tankard, Rutland, and Sheffield Tap are a good trio of pubs within walking distance of the station, plus the Red Lion above. The second Tap is built into the train station, so could be a last destination; but it's a bit expensive.


Let us know if you'd prefer squash or juice during the day and we'll try to get it in; also if you have any dietary requirements for snacks (although we'll try to prioritize healthy fruit and nuts.)


Lunch: I'd go for SFC/burrito

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Lunch: I'd go for SFC/burrito first, if not then lynne's pantry.
Dinner: would prefer somewhere less noisy; I am no good in a crowd of chattering people. Happy with Pub food, Chinese or Thai.