Global Sprint Weekend: Sheffield 28/29 Jan 2017

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On 28/29 January, Drupal Yorkshire will run a local sprint in Sheffield, as part of the Global Sprint Weekend.

Please sign up on this Meetup event so we have some idea of numbers. (A g.d.o event also exists to help spread the word, but don't sign up there!)

This wiki page will be a place to confirm all details about the event.

Should I come along?

Absolutely! While existing Drupal developers will have an advantage, we still hope to do some mentoring on how to use the issue queues, to get new contributors up and running.

We'll split into groups and work on Drupal core issues. Bring your laptop. For new folks: you can get a head start also by making an account on and getting some contribution tools; developers should try to install git before coming, and do a git clone of Drupal 8 core.


Union St co-working space, S1 2JP: less than five minutes' walk from Sheffield train station.

Directions on Google map: from the station, go up through the fountains; cross at the lights; go up the pedestrianized street past the Howard and Sheffield Hallam buildings; at the top, turn left and walk past the Sainsbury's and casino on your right; cross at the far corner of the casino, and walk up past the Cheesegrater car park to Union St.


Someone will need to let you in. Ring J-P on +44 7851 913123. There should be a note on the door too.


We've booked the 2nd floor, where the venue's facilities are. Unfortunately there's no lift access to this floor.

An alternative is to use the ground floor, which is a very nice environment too. That doesn't solve the problem of accessible toilets: the nearest "public" toilets are probably over in the Millennium gallery, about five minutes' walk away.

We'd welcome any suggestions on improving accessibility, given our limited budget and therefore choice of venues. It's something small events aren't always hot on, so we'd like to improve if we can.

Approximate timetable


Welcome, setup, introductions, explanations
Break for lunch
Lightning talks, chat
18:00ish onwards
Dinner and evening drinks


Break for lunch
16:00ish onwards

Sponsors & wanted!

We need the following (starting with the most essential):

  • Sponsor for early-morning coffees and/or pastries, on either day: the venue *can* run a cafe downstairs for the morning, but it's a pop-up/volunteer affair so we'd need to order in advance.
  • Venue sponsorship: the venue will have an honesty jar for the day, but as a cooperative, Union Street is really helped by any donations, especially any spare £20 notes your company might also be able to put into the jar....
  • Sponsor for lunches: there are many options for lunch nearby (see below) but it would be nice if a company were willing to sponsor maybe half a dozen to a dozen sandwich lunches.

Thanks to

To discuss

Food & drink preferences


D.O event

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I'm going to create one as this get's it into drupical.

Go for it!

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I was just about to, but I'll hold off. If you could link to:

  • The Meetup event (and say "don't sign up here")
  • This wiki page
  • And maybe only then the previous discussion, as it could get out of date faster than the wiki page

That'd be great!


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  • updated the original post to point to here (and the g.d.o event),
  • updated the g.d.o event on this page,
  • Created the event with links to here and meetup.


rivimey's picture

I'm happy to bring my projector (Epson EB-U04 Home Cinema/Gaming Projector (Full HD, 3LCD, 1080p, 3000 Lumens) if it is wanted. Can you confirm that? Also, what sort of cables are needed with it?

Re: Projector

John Cook's picture

Hi Ruth.

Please do bring your projector, it'll be most helpful.

With regards to cables, I think VGA and HDMI will cover most cases and a display port cable for Mac users. I can get hold of some cables if you don't have them.

Thanks for the offer.


Will bring dongles

jp.stacey's picture

Yeah, thanks, Ruth. I've only just got back to my laptop to reply! It would be good if you could bring the projector.

Cables sound good. I'll try to bring some dongles, but I won't have anything up-to-date or specifically Mac-ish. If I forget anything, my house is a half-hour round-trip cycle away so I can always pick something else up.

I'll bring the projector and

rivimey's picture

I'll bring the projector and a number of cables, some long-ish. I have cables/adapters supporting these choices:

DisplayPort - DisplayPort
MiniDisplayPort - DisplayPort
MiniDisplayPort - HDMI + VGA + DVI

That should be enough :-)

Note: I have nothing with a USB-C connector, if that is needed.

That would be great!

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We did discuss projectors last night and I think @danharper was passing a portable one on to @John Cook, but a "proper" one would be better.

Dan, John: @rivimey is coming by car to Sheffield and parking at our house, so carrying e.g. on the train isn't an issue. Want to still bring the portable one as a backup?

Back-up projector

John Cook's picture

I'm going to Sheffield straight from work on Friday, but I'll be at FutureLabs on Thursday if Dan can organise it for then.


John Cook's picture

I've got a USB-C to HDMI dongle that I'll be bringing.