Twin Cities Drupal Camp Planning: Join a committee!

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Planning for Twin Cities Drupal Camp 2017 has begun! Our kickoff meeting was last Monday, January 30, during which we talked about our goals for the year and drew up preliminary committees. This is where you come in!

Committees are small working groups tasked with planning and executing a particular aspect of camp. We have 7 this year:


  • Develop sponsorship level strategy
  • Develop opportunities for sponsor benefits
  • Identify and solicit potential sponsors
  • Communicate with and take care of sponsors before and during camp


  • Develop potential camp themes/tracks
  • Identify and contact keynote speaker candidates
  • Solicit Thursday training providers
  • Develop potential summit topics
  • Set overall camp schedule
  • Coordinate Sunday sprint/hack-a-thon day
  • Plan possible UMN Usability Lab activities
  • Develop new ideas for camp activities


  • Plan use of the rented space
  • Manage equipment needs/installation
  • Coordinate with the venue to serve the needs of the other committees
  • Communicate catering request
  • Provide support for session recording


  • Manage the camp website through various stages:
    • save the date
    • open camp registration
    • open training registration
    • open/close session submission
  • Develop and implement design refreshes
  • Update content
  • Troubleshoot website issues submitted by users
  • Extract data to support other committees as needed


  • Research and contact venues for:
    • Thursday sponsor/volunteer reception
    • Friday camp party
    • Saturday closing party
  • Manage food and beverage needs
  • Manage equipment needs
  • Develop party activities


  • Craft and send email blasts
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Come up with ways to attract new people
  • Promote camp to new and existing audiences
  • Develop/acquire swag (t-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc.)


  • Help ensure that new people have a great first experience with our city, our camp, and our community
  • Design and print booklet/badges
  • Manage materials for the registration table
  • Help out-of-towners with travel and transportation needs
  • Receive volunteers and connect them to volunteer opportunities
  • Collect lists of nearby hotels and restaurants

If you have ideas about any of these things and are willing to do some legwork, please join us! Get in touch with us on Twin Cities Drupal Slack: - join the #tcdrupal_camp channel
Get an automatic invite:

Feel free to comment here if you have any questions about the committees or about camp planning in general. We'll do our best to answer!


Open Source North is in June this year

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It's Thursday June 8th. Might make since to aim for TC Drupal on 9th - 11th so those who are traveling can make one trip and hit both.