Microsoft wrecks my head

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Hi all

I have a frontend problem that has me stumped. I'm building a website at the moment and my client has been moaning that the font sizes are too big. So I reduced them and they still moaned. So I asked them to send a screen grab from their system and the fonts are 15% bigger on his screen. He is using Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11.

So thinking is was a Windows 10/IE11 issue, I set up a test system here using the exact same versions and the same screen resolution on the clients monitor but the fonts are appearing correct on my test computer. I've asked the client to sent screen grabs from other computers in the office, and they are all displaying the fonts 15% bigger. Worse still, apparently the problem also appeared in Chrome, making me think it is a Windows 10 setting. I have checked his Display settings and the setting for 'Changing the size of text, apps and other items' is set to 100% as it is on my test system. So I'm stumped.

I tried one last thing. I use REMs for font sizes. So I converted them all back to PXs and hey presto, the problem disappeared.

So after all my long winded post - has anyone come across a setting in Windows that affects rendering REM sizes? Or does anyone know why IE11 would display REM fonts 15% larger on one system compared to another?



Hi Frank, I have a feeling

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Hi Frank,

I have a feeling that perhaps your client has their browser (or system) default font size set to 18px or something on their computers, so 1rem = 18px instead of 16px (or whatever you have as your root size). Which might explain why 16px renders as 16px but 1rem doesn't.

Or perhaps, they have hit CTRL+ to zoom in a little bit - but I'd be surprised if they did that to every computer and every browser.

Cheers Mark. I had checked

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Cheers Mark. I had checked the browser zoom and it was 100%. And the only setting I can find in Windows 10 that system-wide changes font size was also set to 100%. I'll keep looking :o)