Drupal8 Corporate Training: Run-up event for DCH2017

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2017-03-04 08:00 - 18:00 Asia/Kolkata
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Training (free or commercial)


  • Full day Hands on training
  • Installation of Drupal 8 and setting up tools
  • Writing a custom module
  • Entity API
  • Hooks, Plugins & Events
  • Symfony - Services & Dependency Injection

If time permits:

  • Theming - Twig, Render API
  • REST with Drupal 8
  • Angular 2 with Headless Drupal
  • Native mobile app development using Ionic 2/Cordova

Note: Pre-requisites:

  • Good knowledge of Drupal 7
  • Attendee should carry Laptop. Pre installed/configured with PHPStorm IDE, Acquia DevDesktop and Drupal 8. Node, Angular 2, ionic 2 and cordova should be pre installed. Setup instructions for front end: https://ionicframework.com/docs/v2/intro/installation/

Registration: To-opt just for Corporate training, you need to pay Rs.2500.
If you want attend DCH2017(General pass: Rs. 1000) too, take a combo pass of Rs.3000 for 2 days, you'll get Rs.500 discount.
Rs.2500+Rs.1000=Rs.3500-Rs.500(discount) = Rs.3000
Register at https://2017.drupalhyderabad.org


hope this traning may give a

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hope this traning may give a good start for our carreer


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