Live stream: ‘Composer: what is it and how should Drupalers use it?’

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2017-02-24 15:00 America/Toronto
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Training (free or commercial)

Live stream version of the Composer & Drupal presentation from the last meetup.

The topic is: Composer: what is it and how should Drupalers use it?

From how to install Composer for use with Drupal, to common usage patterns, this
talk will offer an introduction to Composer and a head start on how to use it.

Composer describes itself as a, 'Dependency Manager for PHP.' We'll talk about
what that means, why a dependency manager is useful, how Composer is used by Drupal core and many contributed modules (for Drupal 7 & 8), and navigate the ways Composer is becoming an essential tool for all Drupal developers and site builders.

Audience: site builders, developers, and anyone who thinks they may need to use (or just know a bit about) Composer in the future.

(from the DUG meetup description)