Minutes from the second Drupal Ireland Committee Meeting in March

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Hi all.

The committee had our second monthly meeting today. We kept talking mainly about the forthcoming Drupal Open Days:


The suggested dates keep changing and are now Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of October, which is the weekend before Halloween. We thought that having a Halloween related theme would add a bit of "something", a "surprise" or "uniqueness" to the Camp.

We felt that June (the provisional date we were considering until now) may not be the right time of the year due to the unavailability of students and the difficulty of traveling from overseas (higher hotel prices, flights, etc).


We initially discussed that, if not having the Drupal Open Days in June, shall we have one at all this year or not, and decided that since we need to have an AGM every year we should have some sort of event. We considered having the AGM at the May meetup in Dublin, but realised it is probably better to have it at the Camp.


We would like the venue to be the Guinness Enterprise Centre (GEC) and hope to have more information regarding the venue in our next meeting, in two weeks.

We discussed about the possibility of having the DrupalCamp on a Saturday and Sunday format, but decided to continue with the traditional Friday and Saturday. We thought that if we are going the "developer's way" it would be hard to get around 100 people if the Camp takes place on a weekend.


The committee will be meeting again on Wednesday the 5th April and hope to have more information regarding the venue by then, so we could start with the planning of the promotion of the Camp as soon as the venue and final dates are confirmed. The promotion will include a the website which will have a call to speaker submission. We will also be promoting our event at other DrupalCamps and DrupalCon.


If anyone wants to voice an opinion about anything in the minutes, please post a comment below.