Drupal Durban: Do you Git? Securely?? Efficiently???

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2017-05-23 18:30 - 20:30 Africa/Johannesburg
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User group meeting


Why join this meet-up?


This meetup is about Git and is for all web developers, not just Drupalers!

Riaan Burger is our guest speaker and travels from JHB to join us. Riaan is one of the founders of the Durban meet-ups and is a fervent supporter of Open Source. We are lucky to have Riaan in Durbs for the evening!

You should join us if you need to know...

• How to use Git securely
• How to use Git in more efficient workflows
• How to work with your team & Git
• How to version your Drupal / Wordpress / Laravel code with Git


More about Riaan from Riaan :)


See Riaan's profile on Drupal here: https://www.drupal.org/u/riaan-burger

See you there... RSVP for catering... thx : https://www.meetup.com/Drupal-Durban/events/238952002/


Thank you Mark

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I finally managed to complete the slides and had to add an intermission slide (this may be a very long talk, depending on the audience and questions); Definitely a three-course meal.

Some updates to the description of the talk:

A Trusted Git Development Work-flow

Learn why and how to maintain a cryptographically trusted contribution chain using GnuPG and git.

While we touch on git basics, motivate the usefulness for project owners and managers and have a slide or two on Drupal Configuration Management, this talk focusses on functionality that is useful to all teams that want to build provable trust into their collaborative source code development. Bring friends in dev, webdev, devops and sysops as well as your management if you need to introduce them to such topics ;-)

Looking forwards to speaking at the other meet-ups in our country soon too.

On my way...

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Hello Everyone! I'm on my way and looking forward to seeing all of you. I see the weather is great. Like summer in Johannesburg. Thanks Mark for organising and phoning to check on everything too.