Discussion around which holidays to avoid for security advisories

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Today's security advisories were released the day before everyone goes on a 4 day break here in Australia and therefore put a lot of pressure on agencies to have all the security issues patched in the last day of work.

We already have a list of holidays and events we try to avoid here - https://www.drupal.org/node/1762316 - I'm proposing we add the Easter break to that list but would welcome feedback from others on holidays that should or should not be included in the list.

I think the criteria should be when the holiday extends more than 1 day, e.g. Easter is Friday and Monday with the weekend in-between creating a 4 day period of non-working days.



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I like your idea.

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It might be worth defining what criteria we consider for additions, e.g. "common state holidays that occur on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays"?

Thanks for posting this, Ben

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Thanks for posting this, Ben :)

With Drupal's growth in the Asia-Pac region it seems important to be aware of and cautious about holidays that fall on Fridays so we don't create this situation of 1 day to fix all the security bugs. Are there any other holidays that tend to fall on Fridays and affect a significant portion of the region?

I agree with DamienMcKenna about trying to define some kind criteria. I think we've historically avoided major religious holidays as those tend to span the borders of countries. Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday in the USA and falls on a Thursday, making it particularly bad for security issues. I'm not sure we've got a sense of the numbers involved.

Here at the official holidays

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Here at the official holidays for Australia: http://www.officeholidays.com/countries/australia/

They are nearly all on Monday/Tuesday apart from Good Friday (All Australia) and Grand Final Eve which is only acknowledged in Victoria and may even be dropped in 2018.

However in 2018, Australia Day (26th Jan) falls on a Friday.