Mentor Meeting - Saturday, April 1, 2017 at UTC 20:30

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2017-04-01 20:30 - 21:30 UTC
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User group meeting

To find the meeting ping mentors in #drupal-mentoring channel in IRC. See for the calendar.

Mentor Meta meetings are once a month, usually on the first Saturday of the month, at UTC 20:30. These are mentor meetings about mentoring (hence the "meta"), about upcoming events and ongoing Drupal core mentoring efforts.

Do you want to get involved doing mentoring but not sure what to do? Want to help Drupal mentoring be successful? Join us. All help is welcome:

people who can help organize us
developers to help us with issues that will effect contributor or mentor experience
planners to help with events
people with different skills who are interested
Share what mentoring successes and challenges you have had.



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Meeting notes:


  • Valery (valthebald)
  • Matthew (mradcliffe)
  • Mauricio (dinarcon)
  • Rachel (rachel_norfolk)

Mentor Business

Cathy mentioned that it would be super if drupalmentoring had a flickr account and could fav mentoring photos. This would be useful for finding photos to use in slideshows.

In reference to drupalcon mentored sprint team leads and content on the site: It could be worth revisiting some google doc we have… that we made when we transferred some of the mentor volunteer responsibilities to the DC DA team, and identify some of this stuff on it.

Mentorbot is now in the cloud: @todo rachel_norfolk to check the current status of mentorbot. To check with @mlhess

Naveen Valecha contacted all initiatives and sit in on meetings to discuss for 15 minutes what is a “novice” issue and how to break tasks down into parts that are novice. Media - no novice, re-check in 3 months. PHPUnit - no meeting yet. API - already created issue and met with Wim. Workflow - not too many novice - re-check in 3 months.

DrupalCon Baltimore 24-28 April 2017


  • Sprint & Mentoring: Mauricio Dinarte
  • Communications: Valery Lourie and Dan Schiavone
  • Booth: Mauricio Dinarte
  • Orientation & Demonstration: Matthew Radcliffe
  • Novice Triage: Lucas Hedding, Naveen Valecha, and Valery Lourie
  • Workshop: Matthew Radcliffe
  • Sprint Day Room Lead: Lucas Hedding

@todo val - to check with Amanda (@rachel as the backup) if the right list is on the site / DA

@todo mradcliffe Create Mentor Spreadsheet of Awesomeness

Irc factoids: #drupal. Baltimore? DONE Sprints? DONE

Schedule mentor orientation/demonstration BOFs Wednesday and Thursday (Due 3/15) (DONE)

Schedule issue triage BOFs (maybe in sprint room during week?) @todo pick someone new (DONE)

Copy Core Sprint spreadsheet from template

Need docs for what PM could/should do when assisting in an initiative or focus area. Where should the docs live?

@todo rachel to ask Gabor (?) Jen Hodgdon about how we could have a “documentation triage” like the issue queue one

@todo rachel ask Sharon Vettes (? because I believe she was there) about what happened with the Project Managers (PM) when they sorted themselves out in Dublin. Education for mentors about different things going on during the sprint. “Difference between documentation in code base versus documentation on web site”. Go back to Sharon and keep following up.

Mentor dinner

  • Look for sponsorship in the same way as Dublin. In Dublin, people asking about dinner became part of the committee to make it happen. In future, this would be better organized on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, but not Friday afternoon.
  • Low key, personal, feels like family.
  • Will the fact that there will not be a official extended sprint affect the flight bookings of potential mentors and cause effect on Friday mentored sprints? Rachel’s session addresses things like this. Let’s hope it’s accepted!

Major Triage

  • At first time sprinters workshop
  • @todo need a list of triage mentors

First-Time Workshop

  • @todo mradcliffe ask brian about if he made any changes to the slides. Do I need to change presentation re: dreditor, baltimore branding on slides? - DONE

VM solution/tools

  • @todo dinarcon ask brian if there any updates to the community tools
  • Sprintbox (melbourne Drupalers still planning to work on this)
  • Web server onsite? (Vienna)

Retrospective for May meeting

  • @todo mradcliffe, heddn, val, dinarcon, naveen try to attend