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I recently attended the Drupal4Gov BOF at DrupalCon Baltimore and was told that government folks are more likely to attend to Drupal events that have specific content targeted at them. Is this true?

I am curious if there are any government folks who use Drupal and would be interested in a 1/2 to full day Drupal 4 Government Summit at Twin Cities Drupal camp this year.

This is not an official announcement, just a probe to find out if there is any interest in the local community. This is something that I would be interest in facilitating, if there is sufficient interest.

Along these lines, if you know of any local government bodies that use Drupal extensively, please pass along information. Here are some of the local government agencies that I believe use Drupal quite a bit.

  • City of Saint Paul
  • Ramsey County
  • Saint Paul Library

I am pretty sure that there are quite few others. Who are they?


Drupal in Gov - Minnesota

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Can anyone point me to any other local government units using Drupal?

Best wishes,

Tim Erickson

Tim Erickson

not sure how I missed this but I did

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There are lots of local govs using Drupal from townships and counties to school boards and libraries. Maybe 2 years ago a Hennepin county govie came to Drupal govcon on a scholarship to learn about gov use of Drupal. So, there's definitely interest.

Just a minor kind of drupal geeky girl and for the US government no less!