Virtual Accessibility Meetings - May

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2017-05-18 12:00 - 13:00 America/New_York
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

The DrupalCon BoF was a great opportunity to meet together as a group...let’s extend that community by meeting virtually every month for an hour. During this time we will start with some announcements, then move on to an in-depth topic by a guest speaker, and wrap-up with some Q&A time.

Since we are all on different time zones and have various commitments, the in-depth speaker will help choose the meeting time each month. Hopefully having this kind of variability will give more people the opportunity to attend a session in real time. Each meeting will be recorded and available to the public, unless otherwise noted.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about accessibility in the Drupal community and beyond! If you have a topic you wish to hear more about OR if you want to speak to the group, let me know in the main Drupal Accessibility Slack channel (#accessibility) or on Twitter @cariefisher

Thanks much!

1. Intros / Recaps / Announcements (~10 min)
2. In-depth topic (~20-30 min)
3. Q&A time (~15 min)
4. Closing comments (as time allows)

Date: May 14th, 2017 (11am ET)
Speaker: Mike Gifford (Twitter & Drupal - @mgifford)
Topic: GAAD and Drupal

Add the A11Y Drupal calendar to your personal/work Gmail calendar so you never miss an event. See image for more information on how to do that. See current schedule here:

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Virtual Accessibility Meetings

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I never received a follow-up email with the meeting connect information.

sorry @aiikimmell the info

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sorry @aiikimmell the info wasn't clear. we just used a Google hangout to meet and the link was in the flyer. i will update the June virtual meeting soon with this link to make it easier :)

June meeting event -

Future Events and Dates

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Missed this one as I just found out about it but would be keen to know about future dates, not so much at the moment to participate as I must admit clients still asking for D7 at moment so I feel out of the loop with D8 a11y initiatives, but keen to learn about a11y in D8 and where the direction is going.

Also keen to know is there a slack channel? Been out of the loop on communications in the community and it seems most are now using Slack over IRC?

hi @amaree! here is more info

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hi @amaree! here is more info on some groups using Slack in Drupal -
once you join the main Drupal slack channel, you can find smaller sub-group channels, including the #accessibility one. not sure how it compares to IRC, but seems to be an easier UI for communication for some. hope to see you there!

June meet-up info here -