A11Y Talks - May 2017

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2017-05-18 12:00 - 13:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Date: May 14th, 2017 (11am ET)
Speaker: Mike Gifford (Twitter & Drupal - @mgifford)
Topic: GAAD and Drupal

May 18th is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) and what better day to kick off our new Focus Series dedicated to the education, understanding, and promotion of Accessibility driven design, development and strategy.

To launch our first talk, we're honored to have Mike Gifford, President of OpenConcept Consulting Inc., speak to our group about GAAD and Drupal Accessibility.

The DrupalCon BoF was a great opportunity to meet together as a group...let’s extend that community by meeting virtually every month for an hour. During this time we will start with some announcements, then move on to an in-depth topic by a guest speaker, and wrap-up with some Q&A time.

1. Intros / Recaps / Announcements (~10 min)
2. In-depth topic (~20-30 min)
3. Q&A time (~15 min)
4. Closing comments (as time allows)

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Virtual Accessibility Meetings

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I never received a follow-up email with the meeting connect information.

sorry @aiikimmell the info

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sorry @aiikimmell the info wasn't clear. we just used a Google hangout to meet and the link was in the flyer. i will update the June virtual meeting soon with this link to make it easier :)

June meeting event - https://groups.drupal.org/node/516882

Future Events and Dates

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Missed this one as I just found out about it but would be keen to know about future dates, not so much at the moment to participate as I must admit clients still asking for D7 at moment so I feel out of the loop with D8 a11y initiatives, but keen to learn about a11y in D8 and where the direction is going.

Also keen to know is there a slack channel? Been out of the loop on communications in the community and it seems most are now using Slack over IRC?

hi @amaree! here is more info

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hi @amaree! here is more info on some groups using Slack in Drupal - https://www.drupal.org/slack
once you join the main Drupal slack channel, you can find smaller sub-group channels, including the #accessibility one. not sure how it compares to IRC, but seems to be an easier UI for communication for some. hope to see you there!

June meet-up info here - https://groups.drupal.org/node/516882


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