Drupal@Omsk #15

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2017-05-20 10:00 - 15:00 Asia/Omsk
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User group meeting

The 15th Drupal Cafe traditionally organized by ADCI Solutions will take place on May, 20.

Drupal Cafes are regular meetings for Omsk programmers devoted to the local Drupal community development, informal communication among experts and knowledge exchange.

This event will be useful not only for skilled Drupal-developers but also for those who want to start working with Drupal. This time the event will be held for the 15th time and we prepared a special agenda for this occasion. We will also have stories of visiting DrupalCon Baltimore from the participants who not only attended sessions but delivered ones by themselves.

When: May 20th
Where: ADCI Events Hub, Omsk, Dumskaya Str., 7, 5th floor
Time: 10:00

Sergey Konstantinov “Design Patterns in Drupal 8”
Sergey Konstantinov and Evgeniy Leonov “Symfony vs Drupal”
Erlan Aytpaev, Dmitry Chuchin “Drupal 8 & Vue.js ”
Marina Paych, Artyom Zenkovets, Alexander Kuznetsov “DrupalCon Baltimore”

Participation in the event is free, but you should register here https://drupal-omsk.timepad.ru/event/478078/



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Would be great to post slides from cafe

All the materials including

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All the materials including slides and videos will be available only in Russian at www.vk.com/drupalomsk after the event


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