Drupal 8 and Relativity: Building a web ecosystem (Part 1) - Broward Drupal Meeting Minutes - May 10, 2017

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This month Jay Epstein (@jeppy64 http://jay-epstein.com/) covered the first part of "Drupal 8 and Relativity: Building a web ecosystem." With the new Drupal 8 offerings the game has changed for the better and continues to get more powerful with each major release. We need to explore the bigger picture. In Part 1, Jay talked about his revolutionary approach to building applications with Drupal that has been evolving for several years. Jay introduced the latest iteration (Drupal 8 and Relativity: Building a web ecosystem), and covered the following topics:

• The definitions of an ecosystem and the required DNA
• The two-sided logic of a main menu builder and master content type
• How to define proper entity relation structure
• The importance of flattest possible Information Architecture
• The Relativity Vertical Master and the spin up version
• The concept of Features for consistent spin up and edge case development

The slides from the presentation can be found here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1r9ycNFgusN9bubA3MpqFbOzEy87fq6M1...

We had two remote users and seven in person.

To keep up with the Broward Drupal meetup group, follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/browarddrupal or go to our website: http://BrowardDrupal.org

-- Hector


My first meeting

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This was my first meeting. Jay's talk was very engaging. Hope to see more in the future and be able to join BDUG.


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