Looking for (paid) Drupal 8 site architecture consultation Tuesday May 30

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Hi all! I'm looking for a project architect in Portland area for consultation in planning a Drupal 8 project. I'd like about 4 hours next Tuesday, May 30, you choose the hours 8am-11pm. Your time would be paid.

I want someone who is:
* Expert in Drupal 8 development and site architecture
* Familiar with custom entities in Drupal 8
* Familiar with access control options in Drupal 8, including both node grants and custom entities
* Familiar with development and deployment services, especially Platform.sh but also Pantheon and Acquia
* Familiar with standard composer build process for Drupal 8
* Familiar with project setup for dev/stage/test/prod

I'm hoping to leave with a project set up and ready for development, with my remaining architectural questions answered. It is possible that future business would come from the initial consultation, but not planned.

If you have a project architect with some time next Tuesday drop me a line at https://dnotes.net/contact. Please include name, company name, phone number, hourly rate, and location in metro Portland.