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Drupal Clackamas Breakfast $10.00 per person 15 people max

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Greetings Drupal Friends,

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DrupalCamp Venue

As Amye noted on the wiki, we're in search of a new venue for DrupalCamp. Anyone pursuing a venue for the camp, please tell us about it here.

I thought it might be a little easier than trying to track the Wiki page. I also added the ability to tag discussions, polls, etc. with topics to help us in organizing. I'm still exploring what I can do with this site, but using the topics should let us subscribe to feeds in the areas we're helping with. People should be able to subscribe or unsubscribe for e-mail notifications, too. Note the DrupalCamp tab at the top of the page so we won't have to scroll and search for all things DrupalCamp planning related.

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