What Drupal 8 module(s) need the most amount of dev support at the moment that the NZ community could collaborate on together?

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50% (6 votes)
8% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
17% (2 votes)
25% (3 votes)
Total votes: 12


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Every admin backend needs VBO. But right now you can't, say, add/remove a term reference on all selected rows, or run a custom action on every selected row.

I miss the VBO extras, but

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I miss the VBO extras, but the necessary structure is in place to do truly custom (code-written) actions. But yeah, that's not a good enough answer.
Bulk operations in core D8 just dropped a bunch of the more accessible 'small' actions - such as 'update field value' - which is indeed missed (not in contrib yet!?).

What core bulk entity operations needs to fly again is Rules, because then we can define a pre-configured or configurable rule/action that becomes exposed to views through the plugin system.
I can't understand where Rules has stalled - the old UI was magic.. and maybe because of that it was due for a complete overhaul... but we have no working UI for it at all any more.
It's hard now.

Feeds / rules tussle

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yeah I hesitated for a moment, but getting data into D8 through the GUI is a must-have in my book.
Rules after that - its so, so needed.
Media? Well, we have paragraphs... but appreciate the need

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