August Seattle Drupal User Group Meeting

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2017-08-24 18:00 - 19:30 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

We will meet at 6 pm on Thursday, August 24. Note that this is the FOURTH Thursday of the month, not the usual third.


  • Introductions
  • Announcements
  • Drupal news
  • Discussion: Drupal Terminology
  • Post-meeting food and drinks


Drupal Terminology: A challenging part of learning to use Drupal is comprehending its core concepts. Understanding what things are called and how they relate to each other can be a powerful way to make progress toward improved comprehension and increased skill level. Let's discuss Drupal terminology and share knowledge about core concepts and their labels. We will tailor the discussion to the needs of the group, but here are some ideas for topics:

  • Configuration and content
  • Field types and widgets
  • Field formatters and settings
  • Display modes
  • Plugins and annotations
  • Render arrays
  • Routes, controllers, and services
  • Caching
  • Blocks, regions, and layouts
  • Asset libraries
  • Text formats, editors, and filters


Meeting space is provided by Fuse IQ.

Thursday, August 24, 6:00pm - 7:30pm.

Northwest Worklofts, 3131 Western Ave (at Denny), Seattle

Picture of location, door down the stairs

Coworking is available from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Drip City (2929 1st Avenue (between Broad and Eagle); Map)


Drupal 8 Glossary inquiry

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There is a Drupal 7 Glossary

It looks like there is a need for Drupal 8 Glossary

Josh Miller (joshmiller)
Sam Moore

I contacted Sam with this message:
Do you have plans to migrate Drupal 7 Glossary to Drupal 8?
Or will there be a shared glossary?

User Guide

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The User Guide for Drupal 8 includes a glossary, which is at:

It doesn't have as many terms as the Drupal 7 glossary, because it is meant to cover the terms that are used in the User Guide, but hopefully has enough for the average beginning user. :)

Glad I checked the date.

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Glad I checked the date.


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I'll send out a reminder later this week that the meeting is not this Thursday, but next.


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Remember that our monthly meeting is NEXT Thursday, August 24—not tonight.

Meeting tonight!

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Our monthly meeting is tonight. We'll be discussing Drupal terminology and concepts. Topics will depend on what attendees want to talk about, but here are some ideas for conversation:

  • Configuration vs. content
  • Field types and widgets
  • Field formatters and settings
  • Display modes
  • Render arrays
  • Plugins and annotations
  • Services, the service container, and entity managers
  • Routes and controllers
  • Blocks, regions, and layouts
  • Asset libraries

D8 Routes

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To follow up on the discussion last night about routes, as @mikeker pointed out to me, routes do require a path,, so they are closely tied together.

Meeting recording on Google Drive

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I recorded the SeaDUG 8/24/2017 meeting on Zoom H6 Handy Recorder

Using a Mid-Side mic capsule
Doh! I didn't have the MS mic properly configured to pick up side audio.

I used Audacity
Sound quality is adequate for listening but w/o sound editing there is a low level hiss. My next challenge is to get rid of the 'grass.'

I uploaded mp3 file to Google Drive and shared it at

You can listen to the mp3 on Google Drive with Music Player:
1. It is easy if you already have at least one mp3 file on Google Drive. Browse to a mp3 file and right-click it
2. Select Open With > Connect More Apps from the context menu that opens up.
3. Find Music Player for Google Drive in the list. You can enter music to find it faster.
4. Click connect and follow the on-screen instructions.
5. Double-click on the mp3 again once you are back on Google Drive.
6. You will receive a prompt asking you to allow access to Music Player for Google Drive.
7. Click on Allow access and the music should start to play in an on-screen player right away.

I will leave the mp3 recording available until the next SeaDUG meeting in September. I will then remove it and perhaps replace it with a better recording. We shall see.

In future, I will have additional microphones that would work well for recording Lullabot-style panel discussions.

You feedback is welcome.

Webforms are config

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During the discussion about what is content vs. config the subject of webforms came up. I went back to my notes from the PNW Drupal Summit session I attended and she said webforms are config.

I'm not sure how well that will work since we let clients create webforms on their own. Then results and everything are in config, not content. Does anyone have direct experience with this?


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