PNWDS Call for Sessions

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Pacific NW #Drupal Summit
Feb 3-4, 2018 #Portland
@DrupalSummit #PNWDS
Registration: $55


Call for sessions end date

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Just wondering what the end date for session submissions is?

End date followup

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I sent an email to Amber Himes Matz to find out.

Collaboration on AdvAgg?

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Would you be interested in teaming up to talk about AdvAgg? I’ve submitted a bunch of talks on AdvAgg in the past, but none have been accepted. I feel like front end performance often misses the mark on most sites.

Huh, thought, I'd enabled

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Huh, thought, I'd enabled notifications... but guess not; never saw these. Thanks for confirming the end date Amber, jdwalling!

Mike, I'm still not 100% sure if I'm going to be able to make my timing work to get down there. I was thinking about working up something along those lines definitely. I've never spoken at a large Drupal event (done one tech speaking engagement; Victoria Drupal group, on a day with a grand total of 5 including myself). I'd be really keen and honoured to collaborate on something with you if I can confirm that I will be able to make it!

While we're on the subject of

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While we're on the subject of sessions, if you're interested in speaking at PNWDS and you wanna boost your success rate at getting accepted, come speak at the PDX DUG! Despite some effort to find a speaker, we still need a speaker for this month!

Nov 30 is last day for PNWDS Session Submissions

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Sorry for the delay, folks. I've been in Europe and just wanted to get the session submissions opened. Our committee met last night and we decided on Nov 30 as the last day for session submissions.

Amber Matz