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The Orlando Drupal Meetup takes place every month on the 4th Thursday of the month. Unfortunately, that means that in November we run headlong into Thanksgiving, and in December, we run afoul of all kinds of holidays, not to mention the general year-end lethargy and vacations.

Our solution for November and December this year is to simply move the meetup up by a week to the 3rd Thursday (that is to say, November 16 and December 21). I would like to propose that we make this a permanent change, in order to avoid this same problem cropping back up in the future.

The other topic of this discussion is our meetup location. Code School has been pretty great, but unfortunately, I've been informed by Mary Butler that their Orlando office will be closing its doors in the near future, as the employees will all be switching to remote work. On that note, we'll need to find a new location to have our Orlando meetup, starting with our January meetup - November and December will still be held at Code School. Downtown seems to work reasonably well, since it's central to pretty much all of Orlando, but I'm open to suggestions.

To summarize, please discuss:

  • Moving the meetup date to the 3rd Thursday of the month permanently, or another date entirely
  • Possibilities for a new meetup location

Thanks everyone!


Third Thursday is fine with

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Third Thursday is fine with me. And I'm okay if other don't share that opinion. :) I don't attend the meetups because I'm in far west Orange County and do not care to drive into downtown Orlando in the evenings. If anyone is ever interested in a daytime meetup downtown or a location that's not in the immediate downtown area, I'm in.

Thanks for listening!

Anne Easterling

The new days work fine for

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The new days work fine for me. As for location, it doesn't get more central than downtown so I'm open to keeping it there. I've been to React meetups at Big Vision, can't think of any other places at the moment.


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Credo Conduit
CREDO Conduit
1001 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801
(321) 348-8851


Iron Yard

Big Vision


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