DrupalCamp Hawaii 2018

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Hello, everyone.
I'd like to organise DrupalCamp Hawaii in 2018.
Possible dates I'm looking at

  • Honolulu:: Sat, 21 Apr 2018 or Sun, 22 Apr 2018
  • Big Island of Hawai'i:: Fri, 18 May 2018 or Sat, 19 May 2018

Please reply below if you are interested to participate.


nice, venue question

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That's great. Where are you thinking of hosting on the Big Island?

@mikedotexe on Twitter

I am co-founder of a

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I am co-founder of a Drupal-based startup on the Big Island (https://bigisland.fish) and we would be very interested in helping with this.

@mikedotexe @bradjones1 - I'm

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@mikedotexe @bradjones1 - I'm happy for venue suggestions. Let me know if you have anything in mind.

Big Island

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Definitely would attend.

Venue on Big Island

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I think most computer pros are in Hilo with Kailua-Kona a distant 2nd. I have no idea on the Drupal spread across the island. It is VERY decentralized here with very little interaction outside of the Hilo guys who look like they have regular "computer" meetings.

Maybe we can wait to see who chimes in & then secure venue. May is pretty slow on Big Island.


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Do you have contacts or can you stead the word?
I'll post poll next week in regards to date and preferred location.

Where are you based?

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Where are you based?

No contacts

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I don't know anyone here using Drupal. We tried to do a spur of the moment get together a few years ago. Got little response.

Maui +1

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I haven't run into other Drupalers here on Maui but I'd attend. Once the island and date are dialed, I'll spread whatever word I can here locally.

I'm in Honolulu and those dates look good to me

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I'm a long time Drupal user and front end web developer working at UH Manoa. I'd be very interested in attending a Drupal camp! I know a couple other people at the University who would attend as well. Just chiming in here to let you know.

This sounds freaking amazing.

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This sounds freaking amazing. Is it going to happen?

Thanks everyone for coming

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Thanks everyone for coming out of the woodwork on this. Since it sounds like a good number of folks will either be traveling inter-island or perhaps from the mainland/internationally, I think planning early would be great. Big Island Fish is happy to donate organizational support and a website.

It sounds like Vladimir is in the business of providing training, and that would allow us to do something similar to a lot of other camps, which is a pre-conference day of paid optional training, and perhaps a welcome reception, followed by a community-run camp with a traditional schedule of keynote + sessions.

A Friday/Saturday May 18/19 would work great for that setup.

I just created a #hawaii channel on the Drupal Slack (https://www.drupal.org/slack - see instructions to self-invite) so if Vladimir and anyone else who would like to be part of the organizing committee can join and ping me there (@bradjones1) we can get moving on this.

Thanks everyone for their support and interest!

Podcast Promos and Drupical

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The May dates sound great to me. If this is officially moving forward, I'd be happy to give a shout out in an episode of the Behind the Screens podcast, and you could reach out to Matt Kleve and Mike Herchel at the Lullabot podcast for a promo.

Also, definitely create an official event in g.d.o as soon as it's official so you show up on Drupical.com.

Personally, I'd love to attend!



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