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DrupalCamp Hawaii 2018

Hello, everyone.
I'd like to organise DrupalCamp Hawaii in 2018.
Possible dates I'm looking at

  • Honolulu:: Sat, 21 Apr 2018 or Sun, 22 Apr 2018
  • Big Island of Hawai'i:: Fri, 18 May 2018 or Sat, 19 May 2018

Please reply below if you are interested to participate.

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Any Maui Drupalers?


I've been working with Drupal a lot lately at my new job, and am wondering if there's anyone in Maui that would like to meetup to discuss Drupal and get some coffee/drinks.


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New to Drupal and Drupal Hawaii group

Aloha everyone,

My name is Patrick Grady and I am not only brand new to the Drupal Hawaii group, but am also a brand newbie to Drupal!! I have 10+ years experience with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and have recently decided that I am ready to start exploring a new career path. A friend of mine has a business which revolves around web development using Drupal for client companies. He gave me the run down on what he does and it sounds very cool. My goal is to be able to work remotely and feel as if working with Drupal will allow me to create that reality for myself.

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Some interesting online communities for Drupal Hawaii

Still working on this, but:

Drupal Camp Hawai'i 2011: http://drupalcamphi2011.eventbrite.com/

Please join us virtually at DrupalHawaii.com so you can post a little bit about yourself and introduce yourself to the rest of the Drupal community in Hawaii. All islands - represent!


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DrupalCon Honolulu?


Did you know that The DrupalCon Asia-Pacific Regional Organizing Group has been formed which seeks to determine a location for the first DrupalCon in this region?

I know that Hawai'i does not have the largest community of Drupal developers, but I believe Honolulu is an ideal candidate due to its location to the Americas and Asia.

If you feel likewise, please visit http://groups.drupal.org/node/27274#comment-93760 and add your voice to the conversation.

Mahalo nui loa,


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