Time for ODA Election!

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It’s been pretty silent from the Ottawa Drupal Association as of late. Other priorities have taken up time and changed direction for the board members.

That said, the current board has served it’s two year term and it’s time to get some fresh, excited, and motivated people to lead the organization.

This is officially a call for nominations for the new Board of Directors of the Ottawa Drupal Association (ODA).

Who do you think are the next dedicated Drupal enthusiasts that deserve, and want to be the new ODA Board members that will take this organization, and future Drupal events in Ottawa, to new heights?!

Please submit your nominations here so we can collect a series of names, confirm their acceptance, and get this election under way!


Thanks in advance for your nominations and we thank you for your continued support.



The ODA Executive positions

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The ODA Executive positions are described in the ByLaws https://docs.google.com/document/d/16BOs8hV5DAnBfx-7HlzSYTfHBRjLGHHagqpB...

A few of us have been getting together monthly since DrupalNorth, but it would be great if all of the local Drupal people would comment here to say what you want the ODA to do, as well as ODA leadership.

What we've come up with over the past few years is :
- getting together to talk about what we're doing with Drupal (please comment on the format and locations);
- participating in the planning of DrupalNorth (hosting when it's our turn);
- planning and management of DrupalCamp Ottawa


Must make another comment

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Must make another comment because I can't remove duplicate post.
Also let us know if there are other places you'd rather see ODA communications -- there's an Ottawa Drupal Facebook group -- where else should we be looking for people?

happy to be part of this group!!

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I'll contribute whatever I can.
I'm new to Ottawa and new to Drupal, though.

Need a lot more participation

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Hey Folks,

We need a lot more participation and nominations here.

Reminding you guys to please submit yourselves or others you think would be great board members for the ODA!


The group here says it has

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The group here says it has 373 members - if you're listed as a member here, could you chime in about who and what you think the ODA should be doing, and if you want to be a more active participant?

We know that we've got a handful of people who are interested in meetups, a larger group who will come to a camp and some who just want to keep an eye on whatever might be posted here (and possibly some who don't get notifications from D.o., don't know how to remove themselves from a group).

Are you happy with your level of involvement?
Is there something that you want to see done?
Are you here, DrupalCamp / DrupalNorth participants?

Can we get the ball rolling

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Can we get the ball rolling with the two people active here...

Pat; are you running for President again this year?

Kathc; are you running for the board again?


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I will not be running for any position as I am leaving Ottawa and I don't feel that having someone outside the city sitting on the board is effective.

We’re going to have at least

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We’re going to have at least one person to nominate. But half the office is out sick with a cold the last two days so it’ll have to wait until later this week before we can talk about it.

Mathew Winstone
CEO/Co-Founder - Coldfront Labs Inc.

Pat; Should you setup maybe a

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Pat; Should you setup maybe a google form like you did for DrupalNorth for nominations outside of here and that way it is anonymous and we collect nomination in one place?

Pat; Should you setup maybe a

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Pat; Should you setup maybe a google form like you did for DrupalNorth for nominations outside of here and that way it is anonymous and we collect nomination in one place?

Nomination Form

Do we have candidates for all positions?

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Hi Pat,

Is anyone too shy to post here, but added their name to the Google Form?

I think I nominated myself :)


Ottawa <3 Drupal

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This is exciting!

I'm new to the world of Drupal - as of July 2017 - but I'm learning quickly and would love to be involved with the ODA. Since I'm so new, I'd say I'd fit well in the secretary role.

I'm currently the marketing manager at OPIN and have lots of ideas on how we can reignite the Ottawa Drupal community.

I'll submit my name for consideration. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
Vote for Suzy!

Suzy Kendrick
Marketing Manager | OPIN

Where are all the Drupalers?

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I did a quick search on LinkedIn, and Drupal Ottawa gives me over 1600 people -- narrowing that down to my own first and second degree contacts still has over 300.

There's a LinkedIn group called Drupal YOW (owned by OPIN) that has 68 members (my membership is pending). Is anyone able to access the lists we have outside of Groups.Drupal.org?

We have 154 members on our Facebook group (I've just posted a message there).


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Hi, I haven't been active in the Ottawa Drupal community but I'd like to know what's going on? Are there any discussion groups, meetups?


We have a monthly meetup

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Since DrupalNorth, we've reinstituted a monthly meetup -- the next one will be announced in the next few minutes in a thread here.

We have a facebook group, and a linkedin group and will be starting to plan this year's big event as soon as we have the ODA board selected.



BackUp is here!

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Hi Kathryn,

I've accepted your request to join DrupalYOW on LinkedIn. I'm happy to share content to the group there. You can reach me directly, anytime: suzy.kendrick@opin.ca.

I'll share the info about the ODA election there now.


Suzy Kendrick
Marketing Manager | OPIN

Thanks for posting to FB

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Glad I ran across this Kathryn.

Would be good to promote this. When is the date? I'm happy to help promote it. Would really like to see more federal government involvement, especially as they seem to be interested in open source (finally).

First I would like to thank

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First I would like to thank Pat and the rest of the ODA for their great work over the past few years!

I would like to throw my hat in for the role President. I have been a member of the Drupal community for a decade and am currently CTO at OpenPlus. I believe the ODA plays a great role in fostering the local Drupal community by bringing in new members and building relationships between existing members.

Drupal's strength is the community and for us the ODA is an important part of it. Well that and beer. :)

Pat can we get the link to

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Pat can we get the link to the results of the nomination form? I know I'm on that list and so is Danielle.

Mathew Winstone
CEO/Co-Founder - Coldfront Labs Inc.



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Can we get a clear list of positions and roles?

Furthermore, is that list of positions up for discussion?

I have a wealth of experience in event and conference management, so am happy to help organize camps/summits.


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Hi Danielle,

The list of positions and what they entail is in the bylaws. https://docs.google.com/document/d/16BOs8hV5DAnBfx-7HlzSYTfHBRjLGHHagqpB... .

The local effort may have gone off track last year because we were hosting DrupalNorth (we were all there, but it was a separate committee in charge) in place of DrupalCamp Ottawa.

In addition to the people who were elected, we also had other people involved in DrupalCamp planning and implementation, hosting meetups and pub nights, fielding questions here and on social media, etc.

I'd like to see us have a DrupalCamp this year, reboot the Meetups.com list and other outreach efforts into a central CRM so we can find the community and figure out if there are other things we're not doing that would encourage Drupal uptake.


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