The road to Drupal 8

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It's been quite some time since my last post. Mainly that's because I've been looking at Drupal 8 and how to implement DITA integration with Drupal 8.

Unfortunately, the Import HTML module I've used for importing will not be ported to Drupal 8 any time soon. And the Feeds module, another likely candidate for importing XML, is in a similar state.

But I've just stumbled across the following blog post by Campbell Vertesi about using Migrate which looks quite promissing: "Stop Waiting for Feeds Module: How to Import RSS in Drupal 8"

So stay tuned.


Importing an Atom Feed

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Based on the above mentioned article and others, Benji Fisher has written an article about using Migrate and Paragraphs for importing an Atom feed:

"Importing an Atom Feed with the Drupal 8 Migrate API and Paragraphs" (Part 1)