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Bricks 8.x-1.3 just released!

Bricks 8.x-1.3 just released!

Draggable Entity tree, Inline Entity Form, Revisions and Paragraphs support!

Bootstrap 4 (!) support as a separate module!

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Case: Add class to TR element that wraps around a Paragraph bundle on node edit form

There was quite a bit of discussion/concern about the the editor UX during the BoF. I've opened this case with the hopes it is an easy (and modest) first step in improving the visual design. You may want to make a comment on that case if you have something to add or follow it.

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Drupal as a DITA CCMS, the Drupal way

At Drupalcamp Cluj in Romania I got really excited again about the possibility for building a CCMS (component content management system) in Drupal.

Ages ago when we did our first experiments with DITA in Drupal this was our goal. We did a prototype for a tool that was able to do single pass transformations of topics, allowed you to manage DITA maps in a mindmap and that had a form for creating DITA topics.

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