Drupal4Gov Half Day - FREE training

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Thanks to Booz Allen Hamilton for hosting Drupal4Gov's half day and the January Drupal Global Training Day.

please select ONLY ONE TICKET TYPE all 4 groups will run concurrently. head on over to: Eventbrite for tickets

This event will be divided into FOUR groups - Please note that you can move between Groups 1 & 2 during the breaks. However, the workshops will run in parallel and you are encouraged to stay for the full duration - Light snacks and refreshments will be served. 

Group 1: Migrating to Drupal 8

You have Drupal experience and need to start looking at migrating to Drupal 8. (Computers are not required for Groups 1 or 2, but something to take notes on would be helpful.)


Group 2: Getting Started with Drupal 8

You're new to Drupal and need to look at the concepts for building your first full site. You are not migrating a previous Drupal site, but do need to understand the steps beyond site building. (Computers are not required for this, but something to take notes on would be helpful.)

  • Structured Content & The Power of Paragraphs (Sara Kieffer-Hess - Booz Allen, Nick Massa – Booz Allen)
  • Web Services: Content Syndication, Cognitive Search, Chatbot, and Amazon Echo Integration - (Arash Farazdaghi - Booz Allen)
  • Configuration Management (Rich Allen and John Shortess Bixal)


Group 3: Build-A-Module Workshop (2.5 Hours - 25 Seats Only)

You are familar with Drupal and would like a primer on how to build modules for Drupal 8. (Please bring a computer with Drupal 8 pre-deployed in your local development environment.)

  • Building Modules: Hands-on Module Building Workshop (Connor Hoehn – Booz Allen)


Group 4: DOCKER Workshop (2.5 Hours - 10 Seats Only)


This is a local only event

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This is a local only event right?

I'm afraid so - we aren't

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I'm afraid so - we aren't currently able to broadcast our half-day events. We do have monthly webinars. This month, Tim Crommie (timcrommieitsnygov) will discuss how New York State adopted a "Build Once - Deploy Many" philosophy with it's Drupal 8 distro. 1/25/18 3pm EST Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/drupal4gov-webinar-series-build-once-deploy...

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