Reimagine Drupal - Cohesion DX8 showcase

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2018-02-22 08:30 - 11:00 Europe/London
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Training (free or commercial)

DX8 is a productivity toolkit to support agencies building enterprise websites in Drupal 8.
Designed to fully integrate with Drupal, DX8 is a low code platform that empowers your designers and UX team to accelerate the style and theming phase, freeing your developers to work on the more complex interactions, features and functions of the build.

Style any Drupal entity type using our innovative style builder
Lay out complex, bespoke content pages using our powerful layout builder
Drastically improve the efficiency of the design and build process without compromising on quality
Significantly reduce your workflow processes and ticketing volume
Create the most advanced editing experience available for Drupal 8. One that your clients will love.
Build custom features or applications as needed. DX8 is not a walled garden and doesn’t stop you developing bespoke requirements in the normal way.

Find out how you could save up to 80% on the time/costs of the front-end build of your client websites AND offer them enhanced features and fuctionality. All without compromise on project quality. You retain full project control.

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