Permissions and Content flow for

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Anonymous users can:

  • View content, search content

Authenticated users can:

do everything Anonymous users can, plus
* Create content

Group admins can:

do everything Authenticated users can, plus
* Edit and delete content in their group
* Promote and remove admins from their group
* Send mails to everyone in their group using the "Broadcast" tab
* Create taxonomy vocabularies and terms for their group

Group managers can:

do everything Group admins can, plus
* Edit and delete group OG Panel pages

Site editors can:

do everything Group managers can, and in ANY group, plus
* Moderate, approve and deny groups in the moderation queue
* Create, edit and delete aggregator categories and feeds
* Create taxonomy vocabularies and terms for the site
* Edit/publish/unpublish nodes and comments
* Promote high quality content to the front page (please do this if you really like a particular post!)

Site Admins can:

  • Create redirects from common guesses for group names to the real group names (nyc for new-york-city, massachusetts for boston)
  • Do everything

Group notifications

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