Simple mod for 7.x user interface

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One of the core profile issues is when a user is adding a URL to their page. They must include http:// in their link. don't know of any other site on the net that asks for this when a URL is requested. This issue existed in 6.x also. The error message doesn't even ask for htttp:// to be included just says: The value provided for "URL field-name" is not a valid URL. That's when a person includes "www" when filling out the form, so i definitely see this as an issue. This is for the User field: URL under "profile configuration".

I'm not even sure if this belongs here because it seems like it would be a simple mod and very much needed for a simpler drupal experience for both people trying to create useable websites, and for the people who join their sites.

Ideally the user could type in (or equivalent), and it would become a link. i.e. no http or even www necessary, or at least just a "www". Either way error message should aid the user in filling out their profile page, rather than just tell them they are doing something wrong and not helping them through the course of action.

How does your proposal meet the stated goals of the Knight Drupal Initiative program?: 

It addresses the idea of making Drupal a straight forward experience for people of all abilities.

How long will your project take to complete?: 

I can't imagine very long

How will you implement and distribute your project?: 

Through people more knowledgeable than me on affecting change within the Drupal web tool

What is your total budget estimate and how much funding are you requesting: 

not requesting funding



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looks like a quick fix. I would totally patch it, if I knew how.

anyways I support your idea. it's very well justified.

Please take a look at

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Please take a look at