April 2010 Southern Colorado Users Group Meeting

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2010-04-01 18:30 - 21:00 America/Denver
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User group meeting

In March... We had a great turnout with folks ranging from print designers and folks who couldn't spell DruPAL to experienced coders and designers.

After doing some show and tell about some of our recent Drupal work, some of the more experienced Drupal folks explored the group's favorite Drupal modules. In addition, we explored some of the favorites that will be built in to Drupal 7.

Matt Kleve gave a paint by numbers demo of how to use the Drupal Form API to do anything you'd like to do with Drupal forms. Matt's approach was refreshing; he wrote very little original code; mostly, he just cut and paste from Drupal Forms API Reference page.

Keith Glidden from the Colorado Department of Corrections won a free copy of the O'Reilly book, Using Drupal. Thanks O'Reilly!

April Meeting. Watch this space! As our discussions ended long after the library closed, we didn't have a chance to set an agenda for our April meeting.

What do you need to know? As we usually have an introductory topic and an advanced topic, now's the time to tell us what you need to know right here. If you have learned something interesting that you'd like to share... If you have a problem that needs a solution...

We will also be reviewing the agenda of April's DrupalCon 2010 in San Francisco in order to allow those of us who are going to report back on some of the sessions that would be important to the group.

Many thanks to our host, the East Library in Colorado Springs. We are normally in the large conference room; take a hard left when you enter the building. Our regular meetings are on the first Thursday of the month. We’ll start socializing at 6:30, and the actual event will begin at 7:00. Our host locks up at 9, so we’ll have to be out by then.

Location note. There was a double-booking at the library, so we were "bumped upstairs" to a private conference room for our March meeting. If you come to the library and you can't find us, be sure to ask at the guard desk. They are very helpful.

Sign up. Sign up here or to our meetup.com page.

Promote our meeting. We are continuing our ongoing effort to invite local college students and their instructors to our next meeting. As I have a number of Colorado Tech students and recent alums working with me, we have posted an 8-1/2 x 11 flyer that you can download, print and distribute to any organization or person who could benefit.

Download your April flyer.


O'Reilly Coupon Code

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Many thanks to O'Reilly for providing great Drupal books for our monthly meetings!

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Rick Nashleanas

Topics on the table...

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Several topics that we could cover.

If you have a preference, express your opinion here!

  • For designers, hands on in using the ninesixty theme.
  • For users, using the Context module for block display or using Taxonomy Access Control.
  • For coders, creating a module for doing an external table lookup.

Rick Nashleanas

Re: Topics on the table...

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Rick, I'm a fan of the "for coders,..." suggestion.
Also, is this group ever doing "for Drupal site admin's..." topics? (I admin 3 multi-sited sites and am always looking for better ways to do this.)

Oh, and yes I will attend these meetings (...when iPhone developer meetings don't conflict, sorry. ;-)

-Stephen Moraco

If not really interested in

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If not really interested in "for designers". So either of the other two.

If interested, I can also talk about using the WYSIWYG module since it's something I'm preparing for a possible presentation at the "unconference" at DrupalCON.

Here's a thought.

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I'd like to encourage community involvement by demonstrating how to roll a patch, and (hopefully) fix what I consider to be a pretty big usability flaw in Drupal 7.

Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.