Two new sites - one sends email to webmaster@localhost

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I am using Aegir hostmaster-0.4-alpha6.

I created two new sites with the hostmaster admin "simultaneously" - i.e. fast enough to have two installs in the queue to be processed at once, whose client email address is

One site has the welcome email being sent to and the other has it being sent to webmaster@localhost.

Since I am doing two identical tasks, I expect them to operate the same. And since I am creating them from a particular account, I expect them to email the client associated with that account (admin's client email address in this case).

I tried several variants:
* The same behaviour exists when I create the two sites from the admin user, and then deleting and trying again from an account manager user.
* However when I wait for one to complete before initiating the other, then they both email the correct address.
* However the behaviour doesn't exist when I create two short names with 'a' and 'b' as the subdomain.
* when trying 3 times, it is always the same domain of the two that gets the webmaster@localhost email address: gets webmaster@localhost, while gets the correct email address.

I grep'ed the codebase for 'webmaster@localhost' and it doesn't exist. It only exists in my database in the task table and the user table for the site.

Any ideas?