DrupalVolCon Paris

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2010-04-19 (All day) - 2010-04-20 (All day) Europe/Paris
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User group meeting

The guyz over at Paris are organizing a Mini DrupalCon Paris for those that are stuck in France, with live video feeds from and TO the conference. Probably @ LaCantine.
So if you were supposed to present a session... maybe this can still be done.. with some ustream/ubicast action ...

We will keep you posted as events unfold



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I am still technically booked for Monday but dont have high hopes. Are there plans for more than just watching live feeds? Sprints? I am in Geneva, so is there a couch I can crash on?

Sharing your disappointment,

just getting this thing organized

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I got the last plane out so I am in SF :) but I believe there will be sessions (broadcast from Paris to SF) and the other way around, DamZ will be there (unless the CommerceGuys get some magical way to traverse the atlantic) so he can help in organizing code sprints and so...

more info coming...

I was not going to SF

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And I have a ton of work, but I would chime in.

DrupalCon Paris confirmed

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The DrupalCon Paris event is confirmed for Monday 19 April evening and Tuesday 20 April eventing in order to line up with the SF DrupalCon. @ La Cantine (http://lacantine.org/)

We are looking for people to do presentations, but we will also be trying to organize some feeds too.

We can probably set up a couch-surfing wiki too.....

The Smoking Goat aka Greg Beuthin


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damn I' m working, can't come :(

J'y serai !

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Merci d'organiser ça

Mon vol de demain matin pour SFO a toutes les chances d'être annulé malgré le décollage à 10h50

Où peut on trouver les liens?

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Je ne pourrais pas me déplacer à Paris, mais je veux bien essayer de suivre les flux depuis Lyon. Où peut on trouver les liens?

On y travaille

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Je suis en contact avec David Turner, BrightCove participe à la mise en place des flux, de même que des participants présents à SF qui vont fournir Caméras, softs et ordi portables.

On vous tient au courant dès qu'on a l'info.

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To monitor available content about DrupalCon as it appears, I created a Taatler instance on Saturday .. It gathers all the mention of a topic in twitter + news, websites, blogs, multimedia sites like Ustream, Youtube etc... It's already giving a great result this morning more than 170 mentions.

I spoted
-Yesterday annoncement about keynotes streamed http://drupal.org/drupalconsf-keynotes-live-streamed
-Video of coredev summit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQXZ86uwuW0
-The photo of the doc sprint http://groups.drupal.org/node/62678
-Presentation of Alex Kessinger about Social Media http://alexkessinger.net/story/alex-kessinger-drupal-con-sf-2010-present...
-Stat about code in Drupal project compare to other http://www.puregin.org/drupal-code-stats-preliminary

There is a lot of content, so please vote for the most interesting piece of content and help everyone the get the most of DrupalCon remotely. It's easy, registration is not compulsory and fun... Just click on vote on content you find interesting and comment if you wish to explain your vote.

Jean-Baptiste Ingold
+33 6 24 78 29 22
PS Feel free to contact if you wish to help improve the monitoring tools. I want test managingnews and create a widget you can embed in your blog or your site the spread the best content.

To share the best realtime content about DrupalCon

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Connect http://z3cfy4.dev2.webenabled.net/node?filter=all&topic=3
Under each news item you find most relevant click on vote
It would be listed in http://z3cfy4.dev2.webenabled.net/node?filter=mostvotes&timeframe=all

Feel free to contact if you wish to help improve the monitoring tools.
I want test managingnews and create a widget you can embed in your blog or your site the spread the best content.


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Hello à tous, vous trouverez sur ma page Flickr (et non Twitter ;-)) des photos prises hier et avant hier ...


A bientôt!

Just in case

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Un lien qui peut intéresser si vous ne l'avez pas reçu - a propos du choix d'un jour fixe mensuel pour meeting drupal - http://groups.drupal.org/node/66528
Et le doodle pour les parisiens : http://www.doodle.com/kq7nmci7r2p57n45