Include "Development Task" in case "type" dropdown

I couldn't find a setting to edit this.


edited the types and statuses

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please post refinements as needed.

not sure

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we don't have that at are you sure that 'bug' and 'feature' don't suffice?

Yes, I'm sure

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For one, case tracker is different than project/issues (there is no "suggestion" on either, nor is there a text modification).

The other is that for this site in particular, splitting between a development task (i.e. someone that can code needs to go off and do this) vs. soft tasks like documentation etc. is useful. When people show up and ask, "How can I help?", there is an entire set of issues that need development.

And what the hell is "Text modification"? Changing that to "documentation" would probably make more sense...

(also: why is "new case type" one of the options in the dropdown?")

Those Are the Defaults . . .

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They can be changed under administer >> case >> case type.