Font Rendering

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These are known modules that make custom fonts possible through various methods. The table attempts to provide an overview of the differences and status of the available modules.

Modules Releases Last release Method Cross-browser support Maintainer(s) Documentation External links
Cufón 6.x, 7.x 2011 Sep VML (IE), Canvas (HTML5), JavaScript davideads cufón
Dynamic Font Rendering 6.x 2010 May CSS (@font-face) vph
Dynamic Rendering 5.x, 6.x, 7.x 2011 Feb Flash, JavaScript sun
Facelift Image Replacement Integration 5.x, 6.x 2010 May Image replacement, JavaScript hadsie Obsolete
@font-your-face 6.x, 7.x 2012 Nov CSS (@font-face) sreynen
Google Fonts 6.x, 7.x 2010 Jun CSS (@font-face) BarisW Combined with @font-your-face
Google Webfont Loader 6.x, 7.x 2012 May Uses CSS (@font-face) with JavaScript event handling. BTMash WebFont Loader API
ImageAPI Text Renderer 6.x 2011 Feb Image replacement, ImageCache action dman
Menuwriter 6.x 2009 Mar Image replacement (menus only) None, see Signwriter
sIFR 5.x 2008 Jan Flash, JavaScript None Migrated into the Dynamic Rendering project
Signwriter 5.x, 6.x 2010 Feb Image replacement Agileware
Textimage 6.x, 7.x 2012 Mar Image replacement wundo
Typeface - Custom Fonts 6.x 2009 Aug CSS (@font-face) None
TypeKit 6.x, 7.x 2011 Jul CSS (via zzolo Deprecated, consider using the Font Your Face module as it supports Typekit and is much more robust and flexible.
Modules Releases Last release Method Cross-browser support Maintainer(s) Documentation External links



wiki post?

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I'd like to make this a wiki so that others can edit and expand the list to better reflect the changing landscape and better compare the options.

That is the standard for this group to use wiki posts for comparisons.

Is that ok with you, NonProfit?

jcmarco, thanks (I thought I

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jcmarco, thanks (I thought I found them all!)

greggles, fine with me!



Sounds cool!

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Sounds cool!

How can we build an actual comparison table to get an overview of the modules?
Is anyone planning on doing this? I'll start one if not.

UPDATE: I have replaced the OP with a table, wiki-style. There are still bits of information missing, but the main parts are there now.

See for profile.


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Great work geddeth! -NP

Great Post

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Thanx a lot, Do you know if any of them has i18n support?

I would like to use it in a multilang site.

More to do with the typeface

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I would anticipate the multilingual support depends more on the specific font file's available glyphs rather than the Drupal module.

The only potential issue is if the markup selectors used to target the text containers are actually changing when switching language preference. The only problematic instances that come to mind are block IDs and node IDs used in the markup could change. In general, use the most general selectors as possible.

performance differences?

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Thanks for compiling this list. Are there any performance advantages associated with specific modules or font-loading methods?