Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit Update - June 2010

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Greetings Drupal Community!

It’s exciting times for Drupal in the Pacific Northwest. Planning for the October 2010 Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit in Vancouver, Canada is progressing nicely. Want to find out more, keep on reading!


The process started in earnest last year with a call for participation. From there we established an Organizing Committee and starting laying down the foundation for the conference. Although I was the one that kicked things off I’m extremely pleased to announce that Vanessa Turke of ImageX Media took on the role of Organizing Committee chair and is doing a wonderful job. The Organizing Committee would also like to acknowledge the support we’re getting from last year’s Seattle organizing committee.


Sponsorship: Phillip Djwa, Phillip [at] agentic DOT ca
Volunteers: Vanessa Turke, Vanessa [at] imagexmedia DOT com
Presenters/Keynotes: Chris Geoghegan, chris [at] imagexmedia DOT com
Training: Dale McGladdery, dale.mcgladdery [at] gmail DOT com
General Inquires: Vanessa Turke, Vanessa [at] imagexmedia DOT com

The Conference

Here’s what we’ve nailed down about the conference so far:

Date: October 2 & 3, 2010
Venue: UBC Robson Square, Vancouver, BC
Tracks: Developer
Design & Theme
Site Architecture & Administration
Business & Project Management
Birds of a Feather
Financing: The conference is primarily financed from sponsorship, with a small contribution coming from ticket sales.
Organizing: There are no paid organizing positions. We’re all volunteer.


Phillip Djwa of Agentic is heading up sponsorship. He’s happy to report there’s been solid interest and we’re on tract for getting the sponsorship we need to run the conference.

Please pass along your kudos to the following companies for their early support: Affinity Bridge, Agentic, Appnovation, DrupalSN, Venture Web Design, ImageX Media, and North Studio!

Sponsorship opportunities are still available. If you’re interested please contact Phillip [at] agentic DOT ca. In addition to paid sponsorships we’re considering special items and events. If you’d like to sponsor a code sprint, special training events, or have an idea for a fun adjunct to the conference, please let us know!

Vancouver PNWDS 2010 Website

The website subcommittee is working hard on the 2010 website and expects to launch in June. Alex Ventpap, ImageX Media, has created a beautiful new design. Katy Laan, Seascape Web Design, is leading the implementation team which includes Steve Liu and Scott Morgan,

We'd like to extend our thanks to Affinity Bridge for their work archiving last years site and logistic support preparing it for 2010, and to CanTrust Hosting Coop for providing hosting.

Speaker Submissions

Are you interested in speaking at the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit? Start thinking about your presentation. Speaker submissions will open when our new website goes live. In the meantime if you have any questions, please contact Chris Geoghegan (chris [at] imagexmedia [dot] com)

Pre-Conference Drupal Training Events

The Drupal Summit isn’t aimed at folks just starting with Drupal, but we don’t want to forget them. We’re planning a number of training events based on Seattle’s Drupal Clinic model. These are one day training sessions for Drupal beginners. If you’re interested in more information, please contact Dale McGladdery (dale.mcgladdery [at] gmail DOT com).

Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for volunteers to help with preparations and also to help out on the 2 days of the Summit. If you’re interested in volunteering, please drop an email to Vanessa [at] imagexmedia DOT com with your availability and what you’re interested in working on. The Organizing Committee is maintaining a volunteer list to draw names from when help is needed.

Staying Informed

  • The Summit website, when it’s up and running, will be our primary means of keeping you informed.
  • Groups.Drupal.Org (GDO) is better suited for some types of discussions, so we’ll utilize it as appropriate.
  • We have a twitter account at and will be posting updates
  • Our hashtag is #drupalsummit, feel free to start the tweets now
  • Many of the Organizing Committee hang around on IRC in the #drupal-pnw and #drupal-vancouver channels.


bc or washington?

datarazor's picture

Hello torelad, is this in Canada or Washington? "Vancouver" is never really that specific in these parts... :-)

Fountain City Productions
Creative-Technical solutions
Beautiful websites built with Drupal

Vancouver, Canada

dale42's picture

Good point! Will have to remember to make it more explicit. I've updated the text. Thanks for the feedback.

Old site info is confusing

Boris Mann's picture

I went to add the banner to a new promote section on my site, and it still lists Seattle and the wrong dates on the banner graphic. In my opinion, keeping the current site up is super confusing.

Might be best to archive the current site at and just have a landing page until the new site is up. I made a quick landing page (URL can be changed) with Unbounce here:

Landing Page

vcreatrix's picture

Thanks Boris, great idea!
Getting this year's summit website up is top priority for us right now, and we're nearly there. I'll ask the website committee gang about the landing page today.

boris, what do you mean "it

arianek's picture

boris, what do you mean "it still lists Seattle and the wrong dates on the banner graphic" - the graphic on the homepage is updated with the vancouver info (which you've pulled onto the unbounce page) unless i'm missing what you're looking at...

as soon as the theme is ready to switch, the old homepage will be tossed, and old theme will only show on 2009 session and sponsor pages. we're kind of treating it like a community site that also hosts annual conference info. (if that makes sense)


Boris Mann's picture

If you click on the "promote" tab, the banners have all the info and dates from last year, which is what I was looking for since I wanted to link to it from my site.

as soon as the theme is ready to switch, the old homepage will be tossed, and old theme will only show on 2009 session and sponsor pages. we're kind of treating it like a community site that also hosts annual conference info. (if that makes sense)

No, doesn't really make sense. It just makes it confusing for people visiting. There is a reason that people start fresh every year, since conference / event sites need to be highly focused.

ohhhhhh i see, the badges on

arianek's picture

ohhhhhh i see, the badges on gotcha. i know people from the web team are watching this, so hopefully they'll catch this if they weren't already making new ones.

re: managing years within one site, i guess what we were thinking was that it would be a good way to manage keeping the old content accessible using /2009/ or /2010/ etc to filter content from the different years. if it really doesn't end up working for people, things can always be revised next time!

Regarding the conference site

Chet Woodside's picture

I agree with Boris, having info for this years conference and primarily last years conference blended together is confusing. Distinctly breaking off '2009' and '2010' would be easier to understand.

Ping ping

Boris Mann's picture

Confusing old site still up. Want to map this to the landing page I set up? Who do I talk to help?

I think the web team's having

arianek's picture

I think the web team's having a big status meeting this afternoon and were going to decide whether to link to that page (since the site is sounding like it's not far off from being done). Vanessa from ImageX is the head Summit wrangler this round, but you could probably go straight to Anne (or one of the Shane's) from NorthStudio, as they've just stepped in to help complete the site development, if you want to get that put up.

2010 PNW Site Launching soon...

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Yo Boris,

We are just about to launch the site - we are aiming for Friday, but it might be Monday or Tuesday based on some final content entry and tweaks.

I would be happy to work with you to get the temp site up if we don't get launched tomorrow. I will ping ya tomorrow morning if we see launching early next week is more realistic.

Thanks for the ping!

Anne Stefanyk
Solution Architect

Let me know

Boris Mann's picture -- it just needs a CNAME pointed at the Unbounce system. Let me know....

landing page

Annabella's picture

Yup - we will do so.... just getting access to domain to get this set up. Will send you the logo and background... how do I get these to you?

Another question... Where do the emails go that are entered on this site?


Boris Mann's picture

Please pass around as the landing page (note the WWW).


Grab hold of your socks! The

robin.puga's picture

Grab hold of your socks! The new site is up!

We were just in mid launch when you were hitting it Nonsie. Drupal eager beaver. Is that only a Canadian saying? heheh :-)

~ Robin


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Hotel recommendations

nonsie's picture

Could we also get hotel recommendations up on the site? Some folks (myself included) need to file estimated expense reports prior to the event and it's quite hard to pick a hotel without ever being to Vancouver before.

Hotel recommendations

vcreatrix's picture

Sure thing! I'll ask around for Hotel recommendations downtown in several price ranges.

Nonsie... Us over here on

Annabella's picture


Us over here on Vancouver Island come over frequently and use

The best deals and they even have an iPad/iPhone app to check prices on the fly...

I will come talk about node

tjholowaychuk's picture

I will come talk about node :p

Sounds interesting, maybe a

codexmas's picture

Sounds interesting, maybe a bit of background for the uninformed?


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