Pathauto and Content Translations

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I'm working on a website that will need to have multiple languages.

I'm using a few of the basic tools. When I create a node in the default language it will become /content/test002 is aliased to /node/227. This is as expected. I can also click the Translate tab and click a language I want to translate the node into. I'm also able to add the actual translation. This is also as expected.

Where it breaks... I'm not able to go to fr/content/test002. I get page not found.

I'm not sure what I'm missing to make this work.

I'm noticing this query show up: SELECT src FROM url_alias WHERE dst = 'fr/content/test002' AND language IN('en', '') ORDER BY language DESC, pid DESC
It seems that running this from cli returns 0 results. Still no answer but maybe I tracked down where it's breaking (somewhat).


Did you choose "Path prefix

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Did you choose "Path prefix only" here: admin/settings/language/configure?

Translated notes get their

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Translated notes get their aliases saved with their language. When browsing the site, Drupal will lookup aliases that match the current language code or language-neutral (''). So in your case, when you are browsing your site in french, it is not possible to load the english alias.

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Hi Dave, I can not find a way

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Hi Dave,

I can not find a way to get the path auto work with translated content...

I have configured each language with the following: [node:language]/[node:title]
English,Portuguese and Spanish...

This was created in English

I translated the page to Portuguese, the link should be like this

But the clean URL does not work so it write this

Any solution to this?

facing the same problem

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Any solution to this?

Same thing

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I would be interested in knowing if you found a solution.
I'm using the current last beta version (7.x-1.0-beta1).

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