"Content Complete" for custom Member Profile Modules/Forms... "Module Completeness"?

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In my usage of Drupal I have come to really like the Content Complete (http://drupal.org/project/content_complete) module that looks at the fields, including CCK of a node, and displays in a block what still needs to be completed.

I am now working with a client who has their member profile in a custom module, as it does have a lot of stuff going on from being able to ad contact to one's profile, etc. etc. in which the Profile module or Content Profile module are not sufficient (and even if they were, it would be a bunch of work to get their site working under those, and no time for that now).

The client wants users to be able to see how many fields of their profile, of our custom member_profile module, need to be filled out, etc.


I've been trying to figure out how to turn Content Complete into a program that instead of looking at a node's CCK, it looks at a module's hook_scheme to get the fields it populates for a user (must have a uid column), then let admin select which ones are needed for completeness, and then show completeness meter in blocks.

Anyway, has anyone thought of doing this? Any other such projects going on? Thought I would write here and also on drupal.org.

If not, I will attempt to do it, but I do realize the more I go into this that of course no two modules will have the same database table scheme and then complexity comes with the relationship between tables (like for contacts in the member profile we do, a user can have multiple contacts entered...but we would like the percentage for that field to be 100% when they have added one).

Any thoughts, feedback, and even people interested in such a module would be appreciated.


You might want to look at the

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You might want to look at the Complete module (http://drupal.org/project/complete). It's more of a proof of concept and probably not production ready, but it may give you a starting point if you have to build your own.

Probably the way to go would

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Probably the way to go would be to let Content Complete expose hooks that other modules can implement and that define whether or not something (node, user, your custom table) is complete or not. I have started to port Content Complete to Drupal 7, and some of the ideas here might go into development.