DrupalCamp Baltics in Riga, September 25th

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2010-09-25 10:00 - 18:00 Europe/Riga
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

First ever DrupalCamp in Baltics region will take place on September 25th in Riga, Latvia. Camp will bring together Drupal enthusiasts and alike from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and guests.

DrupalCamp Baltics will be a one day event with two session tracks covering from basics of Drupal based web development to doing Drupal business and advanced development topics.

Camp will feature speakers, Drupal professionals, from multiple countries, as well as informal BoF sessions and social gathering.

The venue for the camp is Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga). SSE Riga is also running a Drupal site www.sseriga.edu.lv

DrupalCamp Baltics registration, programme and more information will be available soon at www.DrupalCamp.lv.

Camp will be held in English.

Contact camp@drupalcamp.lv with session proposals and other requests.

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Bravo for organizers!

Hope it'll be the great event and the beginning of series of such an events!

Too bad I'm too far to come this year..

Great! I hope to come from UK

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Great! I hope to come from UK - not sure yet but hoping... please post updates here or can you share RSS/twitter/some way to find out the latest easily?

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Co-ordinator of Drupal North East
Global Volunteer Co-ordinator for DrupalCon

Great! Thanks for the

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Great! Thanks for the support.
BTW we have a Camp planning meeting on August 12 18:00.
Everyone is welcome to join.

Location is Linux Center, Raiņa bulvāris 19, room 030, Rīga

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This sounds very interesting.

I'd be interested in attending and perhaps helping you organize this event.


That's great news. We have an

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That's great news.
We have an organizing meeting this Thursday, August 12th, 18:00.
In Riga, at Linux Center. Raiņa bulvāris 19, 030. room.


Can you attend? We'd really need some ideas and help. Everyone is welcome to jain!

August 12th strategy meeting

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I'll be there.

Photos from the conference

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There are some photos in our demo installation:

We'll add our presentation slides and other material by the end of the week


Thanks Henri, And thanks to

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Thanks Henri,

And thanks to the organisers... I'm sorry I had to leave earlier but it was a really great day. I hope that more is planned for the future and that I'm in the Baltics to get involved.

Hope to see you all again,


Operations Director at Consult and Design International
Co-ordinator of Drupal North East
Global Volunteer Co-ordinator for DrupalCon

tnx :)

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Thank you fro the photos & it was great meeting new people in field.
Tnx for the organizers.

) Mats