SUPPORT REQUEST: Correcting bad update

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Hello, all.
In a marathon of updates (D6.16-->D6.17 and about 20 contrib mods, which a well-intentioned client planned to do (first timer) herself), including update nag for Content Profile, I inadvertently "updated" Content Profile from 6.x-1.0-beta4 to 6.x.-1.10. Ack! As a result, I have broken links for user/register, user/user/create, and no surprise user profile.

On testing site, I tried uninstalling (yes, through modules page) 6.x.-1.10; deleting the module folder; then re-installing 6.x-1.0-beta4. Still have the broken links issue.

How can I resolve? Especially without jeopardizing any of the existing profile data (which should be safe since it is a node.)

Thank you.


database changes

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An update consists not only of code changes, but database changes as well. You can delete the code and replace it, but if changes have already been made to the structure of the database (by running update.php), the easiest thing may well be to restore from a backup.

Way too much content has

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Way too much content has been added to restore. Probably not new users added or even content profiles, but overall node content yes.

I have successfully rolled back from a beta to a non-beta on other modules (e.g, Nodewords) where the beta was to buggy. Certainly, there has to be a better way to resolve. What/where can I look in the db tables to make changes directly?

I'm not entirely sure that I "updated" from the beta to the release version, but I suspect that was it.