How to add fields (or what am I doing wrong?)

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I've added and enabled content_profile. When I now click edit on the user page I get a tab called "content profile" and if I click on that I get a standard node creation page.

Now I wanted to add some fields, so I went to content types - content profile and clicked "manage fields". I added some fields.
These fields are however not visible when I go to the "content profile" page of a user, nor are they when I edit the content profile node. What have I overlooked? What do I need to do in order to make the custom fields appear on the content profile page?


My guess would be that you

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My guess would be that you didn't set the permissions.


I think permissions are

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I think permissions are correct. I do have the "edit profile content" permission. And I can create nodes of the "profile content" type. I'm just not seeing the fields I added to them. That is my problem.

CCK fields also have

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CCK fields also have permissions.

Can you see the fields as

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Can you see the fields as administrator. As uid 1 ?

Each CCK field has permissions listed

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under admin - users - permissions

each cck field is listed with individual permissions

It turned out that I indeed

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It turned out that I indeed had to enable a whole slew of permissions. Thanks for the hints.