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A place to collaborate, learn and share ideas within the local community.

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Drupal Thailand

A group for Drupal Developers in Thailand

Request membership 7

Nous sommes la communauté des utilisateurs de Drupal en Afrique Centrale

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Drupal North America

Drupal North America Users Forum

Request membership 1
Drupal Cote d'Ivoire

This a group for Drupal promotion in Cote d'Ivoire

Request membership 13
Drupal Developer in Cambodia

A group that will share together about Drupal news and development

Join 6
Drupal Berlin

Drupal Activities and Events in Berlin

Join 10

it's an regional drupal community of konaseema region

Join 6
London UK

For Drupal developers in London UK

Join 9
Drupal Developers India

Drupal and PHP Developers from India can join to group and keep sharing the stuff.

Join 7
BYU Drupal Users

A group to coordinate, collaborate and encourage Drupal Use and practices on campus

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IndiaNic Group

Indianic Group is working group

Request membership 6

Drupal community in Armenia. A local group to setup meet ups and organize the members of this community.

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Join in, to be part of Drupal community based in Himalayan town called Dharamshala, Himachal Pardesh

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Tricity Drupalist

Goal of this group is to bring drupal lovers from tricity (Mohali, Chandigarh & Panchkula) for knowledge sharing and community contribution

Join 17
Cameroon Drupal Developper

This group is an opportunity for the inhabitants of Central Africa and particularly of Cameroon to exchange with the other groups in order to bring th

Join 5

Drupal Developers

Join 3

A group for Drupal developers in Miami-Dade county

Join 2
Tri-Cities Drupal User Group

Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland Washington Drupal User Group

Join 2
African federation

Federate Africa Drupal regional groups

Request membership 32

Share drupal and meet in Nanjing

Join 3

Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Join 4

This group is for spreding Drupal in Kokan region of Maharashtra by having Drupal related activities

Request membership 1
Drupal Development Services in USA

This group is for Drupal service providers in USA

Join 4


Join 3

A group for all the Drupal lovers in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum or TVM), Kerala(KL), India

Request membership 4
Drupal Developers in Nepal

This is group of drupal developers from nepal, where can can share ideas to each other which will help to solve problems during development.

Join 2
University of Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma Drupal Users Group

Join 6

This is a community for Drupal'ers based out of Kochi

Join 59
Drupal Users' Group Athens

For developers in and around Athens, Georgia.

Join 3

Tempat Drupal Indonesia

Join 5
Bucharest Romania

Sharing, collaboration and others

Join 4
Drupal North Regional Summit

Drupal North is an annual regional summit to promote the Canadian Drupal community.

Join 53
Pangasinan Community

This Group is open for all Pangasinenses.

Join 2
Des Moines, Iowa

Drupal group for users in Des Moines, Iowa.

Join 7

suzhou china drupal group

Join 2
Drupal Devon and Cornwall

For those with in interest in Drupal and live and work in the South West

Join 12
Chad Community

Chadian drupal community group aiming to help users to use drupan as a CMS to build professional websites

Request membership 1
Burkina Faso

To promote the use of Drupal in Burkina Faso

Request membership 51

A group to develop the Drupal community in Bermuda.

Join 2
Indonesian Nubie zone

Tempat ngumpulnya para nubi

Join 2

Grupo Local de Drupal en Almería

Join 3
杭州 Hangzhou

Hangzhou/杭州 Drupal User Group

Join 4
The Future of Drupal Dev Jobs - Worldwide

A place to discuss what Drupal jobs will look like in the future and how to prepare for that change.

Join 4
Indore, India

This is a group for all the drupal developers and users who are in Indore city of India. I welcome all Indoris to be a part of it.

Join 2
Drupal Developer (back and front end)

2 x contracts available in Sydney ATM

Join 3
Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada Drupal Group

Join 25
Lets Learn Drupal Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh

This group aims to grow the Drupal community in Dhaka .

Join 7

For Drupal developers, themers and site builders in Yorkshire

Request membership 32
Austin Texas Drupal Developers

Drupal guru and geeks

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Drupal Kayseri

Drupal has really very limited scope in Kayseri. This group will help to create larger Drupal community in Kayseri.

Request membership 1

Grupo dedicado aos usuários e desenvolvedores Drupal na região Nordeste do Brasil.

Join 2

Grupo dedicado aos usuários e desenvolvedores Drupal no estado da Paraíba, Brasil.

Join 2

Bangsamoro Drupal Users Group

Join 2
Drupal Cameroon

Drupal Cameroon Chapter.Promoting Drupal in Cameroon

Join 3

Drupal Group for Devs in and around Erfurt

Request membership 1

The Lahore Drupal Group welcomes all Lahori Drupalizers to stay in touch with each other and work together.

Join 2

Welcome to the Whitehorse Drupal User Group, a meeting place for the Drupal community in the Whitehorse.

Join 5
Gujarat, India

A Drupal user group for everyone in Gujarat & those organisers who want to invite this region to their events.

Request membership 58

Drupal Cracow Community Group

Join 3
Georgia (republic)

Drupal community in the Republic of Georgia

Request membership 1

Hello Kakinadians, Let's share our thoughts and new learning in Drupal

Join 2
Bangkok Drupal

Drupal user group at Bangkok

Join 9
DUG Westsachsen (GER)

Regio Gruppe für Chemnitz, Zwickau, Aue, Annaberg, Schwarzenberg,Stollberg, Erzgebirge und dem jeweiligen Umland

Join 2

Welcome to Drupal User Group of Assam.

Join 2
Sierra Leone

A group for all Drupal Developers, Users, Owners and Lovers leaving in Sierra Leone, West Africa

Join 2
Clovis Drupal User Group

We focus on the development of modules and themes for drupal.

Join 3
Western Pomerania

Drupal user group for region western pomerania

Request membership 1

Karachi Drupal People

Join 3
Las Vegas Independent Development Group

This is a group for indepebdebt Drupal Developers that create their own projects and share information and development techniques.

Join 2

This is a user group of drupal developers of surat, Gujarat.

Join 4
Drupal Nepal

Drupal Developers from Nepal

Request membership 7

A group for people interested in building a community at this beautiful place called Goa.

Join 20
Rockland County, NY

Group for any Drupal enthusiasts located in Rockland County, NY. All welcome -Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced users.

Request membership 2

Group of Tunisia developpers

Join 3
Drupal Odisha Community

Welcome to Drupal Odisha Community

Join 6
Kemal Sunal Filmleri

Komedi ustası, unutulmaz üstad Kemal Sunal.

Join 2
Near Shore in South America

This group is aimed to discuss work for Near Shore Drupallers

Join 2

Drupal Community in Armenia

Join 2
Programador con experiencia Drupal

Programador con experiencia Drupal

Join 5

Le groupe de la communauté Bordelaise de Drupal

Join 36
León (Spain)

Local Drupal users group in León, Spain

Request membership 28

Drupal Göteborg [Gothenburg Drupal User Group]

Join 26

Sharing events and news from Hungary

Request membership 61

Shenyang Liaoning , China (辽宁沈阳) Drupal User/Developer Community

Join 17
Gensan Drupal Users Group

Drupal users group in General Santos City, Philippines.

Join 46

Omsk Drupal Group

Join 22

A Drupal user group hosting meetups in Bakersfield, California. Focused on, but not limited to using Drupal in K12 settings.

Join 35
Public Sector Exchange

Drupal Public Sector Exchange brings the leading experts and visionaries together to discuss the future of Drupal in the UK Public Sector

Request membership 54

Drupal Gruppe für die Region Hunsrück

Request membership 3
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