Opigno LMS

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Assignment feature

Assignment submission is a basic feature every classroom needs. Do we have something like this in Opigno ?

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Class Status Report for teachers: Who has finished each course

We wanted a simple, clean report that shows, for any given Class, a list of columns showing the courses and a list of rows showing the students, and checkmarks (or something like that) to show completions.

I wanted to use Views and standard Drupal modules/features, not custom code -- because I know I'll want to make changes and probably make new versions of the report, and don't want to rely on programming each time I need a change.

Here's how I built that. Anyone have a better approach?

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Opigno Reports

I'm interested in hearing from anyone working on creating a reporting engine or individual custom reports for Opigno.

Objective is teacher/admin reports that show things like all students in each class, summary scores, status toward completion, and so on.

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